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How do I reinstate my life insurance or income protection policy?

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Last updated 14 October 2015

If your policy lapsed less than twelve months ago you can apply to have the policy reinstated by completing a Reinstatement and Declaration of Health form. There are a few ways you can send this in to us;

If your application for reinstatement is accepted, you’ll also need to pay all unpaid premiums before your policy is reinstated.

If your policy was held under super, and issued by CommInsure on a pre-11 May 2014 CommInsure Protection PDS, your policy may not be reinstated on its original terms if you had any benefits which do not align with the conditions of release under superannuation legislation. 

It’s important that you discuss this with your adviser and ensure that you read and understand the policy terms as disclosed in the most current CommInsure Protection Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy.

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