How do I activate and set a PIN for my credit card, Keycard or Debit MasterCard?

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Last updated 03 February 2015

To activate and setup a PIN for your credit card, Keycard or Debit MasterCard using:


  1. Logon to NetBank
  2. Select the More tab then Manage my accounts
  3. Under Card Maintenance choose the option Activate my card and choose PIN where 'card' will be your credit card, Debit MasterCard or Keycard.

If you have an additional cardholder, the option to activate their card can be found here too   though they'll have to set their own PIN.

CommBank app

Log on to the CommBank app, find your inactive card in the Cards tab, select Activate card

Phone Banking

  1. Call 13 2221 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  2. Press 1 for card activation
  3. Press 4 again and follow the prompts for card activation.

Note: If you do not have a Telephone Banking password you need to speak to a customer service officer who will ask you for additional information so that we may identify you.


Visit any branch with sufficient identification and get your card activated. Use our branch locator tool to find your nearest branch.

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