What happens if I want to increase or add cover to my Simple Life policy?

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Last updated 13 August 2015

Call 13 39 82 if you'd like to talk about increasing your existing Simple Life cover or adding additional cover types to your policy. This will be applied from the date your request is accepted.

Your premium for the increased amount or added cover is calculated using your current age and the new premium will apply from the date cover was increased or added.

Your next payment will include the cost of covering you for the increased cover or added cover from the date we process your request, to the next payment date.

For example, if your request to increase your cover from the 1st of the month is accepted, your cover will be increased from this date. Then, if your payment date is on the 7th of the month, your next payment will be your new monthly premium, plus six days of cover for the increased amount.

You'll receive a notification confirming all of these details.

There are a few limitations you need to know about. Your request to increase or add cover may be declined when:

  • You request to increase or add cover after you turn 51
  • You request to add cover above the maximum cover levels
  • You request to add cover when you have previously been paid a benefit, except for Bill Protection
  • You request to add Bill Protection, where you haven't received an offer to renew this cover
  • You request to add a cover that’s no longer offered by Simple Life.

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