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Will Simple Life cover me for any pre-existing conditions?

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Last updated 06 October 2017

Simple Life won't cover you for a pre-existing condition. This means a benefit won't be paid if your death, terminal illness, permanent disablement, critical illness or disablement is caused directly or indirectly by an illness, injury, medical condition or related symptom:

a) of which you first became aware; or
b) for which you sought or intended to seek medical help; or
c) for which a reasonable person in your circumstances should have been aware or would have sought medical help

at any time during the five years before your cover start date.

Medical help means medical consultation, treatment, care or services which includes tests, other diagnostic measures or referral to a specialist.

For example, if in the five years prior to taking out the cover you had symptoms or are seeing a doctor about a heart condition, stroke or cancer, you may not be covered under the policy for any claim events related to those conditions. You may however be able to claim for insured events unrelated to those conditions.

You can find out more about Simple Life’s pre-existing condition exclusion on page 13 of the Simple Life Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

You can also read some hypothetical examples of pre-existing conditions.

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