In partnership with the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF), Sky News and Commonwealth Bank have debuted a new one-hour special documentary titled Changing Our Nation.

Hosted by Fox Sports Presenter, Yvonne Sampson, the documentary follows a group of students enrolled in the AIEF Scholarship Program who travel from some of the country’s most remote towns to the nation’s leading classrooms.

The AIEF Scholarship Program provides Indigenous students with the necessary funding to pursue their education at one of Australia’s leading boarding schools and universities.

The documentary, which features Indigenous students: Injarra Harbour, Amelya and Lilly See Kee, Kirrah Stothers and Aspen Moore, trails the students on their educational voyage, and showcases how the right schooling can help Indigenous youth to become the leaders of tomorrow, inspiring generations to come.

The documentary also features Commonwealth Bank’s Strategic Projects Manager, Mitchell Heritage, who is a former AIEF scholar recipient and an avid supporter of the Foundation.

“The impact that AIEF has had on not only my life but countless others cannot be understated. I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunities that I’ve been given and wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” Mr Heritage said in the documentary. 

The program currently helps over 500 Indigenous students, and boasts a graduate network of more than 600 people.

AIEF Executive Director, Andrew Penfold, said in the documentary: “AIEF works to support Indigenous families and communities across the country who, recognising the transformative power of education, want the opportunity and choice to provide a better future for their children. Together, we are nurturing the next generation of young Indigenous leaders.”

Commonwealth Bank’s Group Executive Program Delivery, Scott Wharton, said the bank had been partnering with the AIEF for many years and was proud to work closely with an organisation that provides Indigenous students with all the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the future.

“As a founding partner of AIEF since 2008, we know how important the program is in ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth have the right support to achieve their personal and career goals. Through CBA’s partnership with AIEF we are continuing to provide Indigenous youth access to a quality education, with the right support to thrive.”

Changing Our Nation premiered on Thursday 10 December at 7:00pm AEDT on Sky News Australia on Foxtel, in partnership with AIEF and the Commonwealth Bank.

You can watch the Changing our Nation documentary here.