Our commitment

To make a meaningful impact in our customers’ lives, we’re taking a broader perspective on accessibility.

As part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity, we have set a goal to be Australia’s most accessible bank. That is why we’re focused on creating accessible products and services for all our customers – from older people and people with disability, to those in remote areas and from multicultural communities.

Accessibility and Inclusion Plan

Developed with the support of Australian Network on Disability and other experts, the Accessibility & Inclusion Plan 2021–2023 is our public commitment to making our services, products, facilities, technology and workplaces more inclusive and accessible for all of our customers and staff.

View our Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2021–2023 (PDF)

You can also access the Plan in Easy English – a style of writing that has been developed to provide understandable and concise information for people with low English literacy.

View our Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2021–2023 in Easy English (PDF)

To request the Accessibility and Inclusion Plan in Microsoft Word format, email customeradvocate@cba.com.au

Making information accessible to more customers 

We’ve worked with accessible information specialists to translate a number of our fact sheets and key information into Easy English.

We know that our customers have a diverse range of communication needs and by providing Easy English documents, we’re providing a different way to communicate important information. Easy English is a style of writing that’s been developed to provide understandable and concise information for anyone who has difficulty reading English. This includes people with low literacy levels, a learning disability or those whose main language is not English.

The goal is to make sure that as many people as possible can understand the support and services we provide.

Learn more and access our Easy English documents

Interpreter services

Customers whose first language isn’t English can access a free interpreter service through Translating and Interpreter Services (TIS). This service is provided by the Department of Home Affairs and is available in over 150 languages – our staff can arrange this service for customers at any of our branches or over the phone.

Our Customers    

We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to access our information, products and services. 

Here are some of the steps we will be taking to improve access for all our customers:

  • Developing ‘How to’ guides for online banking and other essential banking activities in Easy English
  • Ensuring all new enhancements to our website and apps are accessible  
  • Continuing to review how our branches are designed to proactively improve access for our staff and customers 
  • Developing financial literacy resources and tools to support our customers from diverse communities with their financial wellbeing 
  • Providing information on our website about the accessibility features in how we communicate with customers, as well as our products and services.

Our People

We continue to build an inclusive culture through our focus on equity, access and support for all of our people.      

Here’s some of the ways we’ll be improving access and inclusion for our people:

  • Reviewing our career site and job application pages and processes to encourage candidates with disability to apply and learning how we can improve the recruitment experience for candidates with disability 
  • Continuing to strengthen our processes, systems and resources to make it simple for our people to access the adjustments they may need
  • Promoting stories about our people to build a positive culture around accessibility and inclusion in the workplace
  • Developing accessible financial wellbeing content and tools to support our people. 

Our Community

We’re committed to working with and contributing to the community on accessibility and inclusion strategies. 

Here’s what we’ll be doing to continue to advocate for our communities: 

  • Running a series of workshops with people from various multicultural backgrounds on financial wellbeing in their first foreign language
  • Continuing to support our multicultural customers’ access to banking services through community engagement
  • Connecting with remote Indigenous community outreach programs to listen to their needs and develop our accessibility, inclusion and service strategies accordingly
  • Providing our customers who have experienced domestic violence with confidential support to assist with their immediate banking needs
  • Working with the banking industry and other like-minded organisations to collaborate on accessibility and inclusion strategies.

Accessibility Principles for Banking Service

In 2018, CommBank welcomed the release of the "Accessibility Principles for Banking Services" by the Australian Banking Association. The principles were developed in consultation with disability advocates and the banking industry, and are designed to improve accessibility of banking products and services for customers and communities, including:

  • General accessibility
  • Digital channels (websites and mobile banking)
  • Device design and use
  • Telephone services
  • Voice-activated services or AI
  • Specific areas related to customer authentication

Read the Accessibility Principles for Banking Services (PDF)

Read the Accessibility Principles for Banking Services (DOC)

ENABLE employee network

At Commonwealth Bank, our employee-led diversity networks promote inclusion and inform solutions for our people and customers.

ENABLE plays an important part in raising awareness of people with disability through lived experiences to inform our strategies, policy and processes to enable accessible solutions for our customers and people.

In particular, ENABLE is focused on:

  • Inclusion opportunities: Increasing awareness and fostering an inclusive workplace where employees with disability are treated equally and feel safe to be themselves
  • Employment opportunities: Looking at ways to increase employment and development opportunities for people with disability
  • Engagement: Creating opportunities to engage employees with disability, advocates and champions of change.

ENABLE’s achievements include:

  • Hosting digital content accessibility sessions and teaching Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to all CBA teams responsible for publishing digital content
  • Sharing the stories of our people with disability to raise awareness, encourage empathy and convey the importance of designing accessible financial solutions.