How to start banking online

NetBank on your desktop

You can do your day-to-day banking from your laptop or desktop computer with NetBank, it's simple and secure. 

Register for NetBank

The CommBank app

To use the CommBank app, you’ll need to download it from the App Store, or Google Play. Then, you’ll need to register. 

Access your statements & documents online

No need to print

You can easily view and download your statements and other important banking documents in NetBank and the CommBank app. You can also email them directly from NetBank.

Accessing other financial documents

With the Australian Government offering financial help to many Australians during the coronavirus crisis, there are some other financial documents you might need to support your application for assistance.

You can download these documents quickly and conveniently through NetBank and upload them directly to MyGov – without having to print them individually.

Here are some of the financial documents you might need that you can download from NetBank (in addition to your statements):

  • Interest and tax summary
  • Account confirmation (confirms your account details without showing the balance)
  • Balance confirmation (confirms your account details and balance from the previous day without showing transactions)
  • Detailed account summary (a detailed summary of your account details, including current interest rates and fees)
  • Transaction summary (confirms your transactions and account details for a specific period you can choose)

Manage your cards

Activate your card

Activating your credit or debit card is as easy as logging on to NetBank or the CommBank app and following a few simple steps.

Watch how to activate, cancel or order a replacement card in NetBank (opens video in YouTube)

Watch how to activate your card in the CommBank app (opens video in YouTube)

Change your card PIN

You can change your CommBank credit or debit card PIN safely and securely through NetBank or the CommBank app.

Read how to change your PIN online

Cancel and replace a lost, damaged or stolen card

If your card has been lost, stolen, or it needs to be replaced, you can report it on NetBank or the CommBank app. There’s no need to wait till you can get to a branch or call us. 

You can immediately cancel your card online and request a replacement. If you think you've misplaced it, you can put a temporary hold on your card while you look for it. 

You can find out more about reporting your card lost, stolen or damaged.  

If you have the CommBank app, watch how to cancel your card from your mobile (opens video in YouTube)

Payments & transactions

Tell us what to do when your Term Deposit matures

You don’t need to see us in person or call us to let us know what you’d like to do when your Term Deposit matures. Simply let us know your maturity instructions online. 

Watch how to provide your Term Deposit maturity instructions in NetBank (opens video in YouTube)

Transfer money between your accounts

NetBank and the CommBank app make it easy and convenient for you to transfer money instantly between your CommBank accounts.  

Watch how to transfer money in NetBank (opens video in YouTube)

Watch how to transfer money in the CommBank App (opens video in YouTube)

Deposit a cheque

No need to go into a branch - you can deposit a cheque securely at any of our instant deposit ATMs. 

Watch how to make a cheque deposit at our deposit ATMs (opens video in YouTube)

Change home loan repayments

You can easily change your home loan repayments online, without having to go into a branch or call us.

Watch how to change your home loan repayments (opens video in YouTube)

Update contact details

Change your contact details online

If your home or postal address has changed or you need to update an email address or landline phone number,  you can easily update your contact details online.  

Watch how to change your contact details in NetBank (opens video in YouTube)

Watch how to change your contact details in the CommBank app (opens video in YouTube)

Online help & support

Chat to Ceba - straight away

Ceba, your virtual banking assistant, can answer many day-to-day banking questions or point you in the right direction if you need to speak to someone. Find Ceba anytime in the top-right corner of the CommBank app and in NetBank.

See how Ceba can help you

Need financial support?

If you've been impacted financially by coronavirus, take a look at the options available to help get you the support you need. 

Support options

Download our how-to guides

We know it’s not always practical for some customers to access information online. Here are some handy how-to guides you can download and print to help you with your everyday banking needs during the coronavirus crisis and beyond:

Staying safe online

Whether your online habits involve shopping, banking or using social media, make sure you're doing so safely. We've created a short video outlining the simple ways you can protect yourself online, including tips for avoiding common scams.

Watch now

CommBiz user guides

Guides to help you with a wide range of CommBiz features.

View CommBiz guides

Find benefits & rebates

Benefits finder connects you with benefits you may be eligible for – financial support that could help you during these uncertain times.

Read more about benefits finder