If your home loan minimum repayment has increased

  • Why has your minimum repayment increased?

    Your minimum required repayment may have increased because you have had one or more of the following things happen:

    • The interest rate for your home loan has increased. View our customer support page for our latest rate change information 
    • Your fixed term, interest only or introductory interest rate period has ended, so the interest rate used to calculate your repayment amount has changed
    • You’ve taken money out of your available redraw balance
  • What happens next?

    If you have a direct debit, we’ll update this for you so that you can meet your repayment obligations. Just make sure you have enough money in your account.

    You can see and manage your repayments in the Account Information page in NetBank. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to make any changes until the new minimum amount is effective.

    If you pay by salary credit, NetBank transfer or any other way, you’ll need to increase the repayment amount yourself.

If your home loan minimum repayment has decreased

  • Why has your minimum repayment decreased?

    One or more of the following has happened:

    • You made additional repayments into your home loan, and have more money available to redraw
    • The interest rate for your home loan has decreased
  • What happens next?

    We won’t make any changes to your direct debit so you can choose what’s best for your situation.  

    • Leave your repayments as they are if you want the flexibility to pay off your loan sooner
    • You may want to reduce your direct debit to your new minimum repayment at any time to free up some cash if you have additional expenses

How to manage your repayments

See how to make changes to your repayment

Watch a short video about your repayment options to set up your home loan to best suit your needs. Whether you want to repay your loan within the agreed term or sooner, you have the flexibility to manage your repayment.

  • Managing your Home loan direct debit

    To manage your CBA direct debit repayments where the linked bank account is in your personal name(s), you can do so via the following options:

    • NetBank or the CommBank app for changes to repayment amounts, date and frequency;
    • To set up or cancel direct debit, or make any other requests, you can message us in the CommBank app. 

    For direct debit requests (DDR) from another financial institution or from any accounts not in your personal name(s), please review and complete the DDR form before contacting us.

    Complete DDR form

How to change your home loan direct debit repayment amount or frequency

You can easily change your home loan repayments online, without having to go into a branch or call us.

Need help with your loan repayment?

If you’d like to review your home loan, you can message us via the CommBank app, or alternatively contact us here. Our virtual assistant can connect you with a Home Loan Specialist.

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