Bank independently, when you want

  • All of our ATMs are audio-enabled, giving you better access and the ability to bank independently, when you want, with:

    • Improved, easier audio: plug in your earphones to start the audio function
    • Simpler ways to bank: our ATMs offer touchscreen technology along with tactile keypads and audio to help you complete your transaction

ATM audio – plug in to get started 

  • The ATM audio function is available if you’ve got accessibility needs. The instructions will guide you through each step of your transaction. Plug in your earphones to start the audio straight away - you can use standard earphones (with a 3.5mm audio connector) to listen to the ATM audio function.  Listen for the prompts first, before inserting your card. 

    1. The funnel-shaped audio jack is located above and to the right of the ATM keypad. Place your earphones in your ears first, then plug your earphones in firmly as the audio will start immediately
    2. Set the volume using the flat disc-shaped toggle button above the audio jack at any time
    3. You will be prompted to adjust the volume and hear the introduction. Use the keypad to respond. You can insert your card after this step
  • To skip the introduction simply plug in your earphones, adjust the volume if you want, then press number 2 twice (this answers No to the initial questions). Insert your card and enter your PIN when prompted.

ATM keypad

  • Number 1 is at the top left

    Number 5 in the centre and has a raised dot

    is the centre bottom key.

    The function keys are in a column to the right of the numbers:

    • The CANCEL key sits at the top and has a raised cross on the key face
    • The CLEAR key sits beneath and has a raised vertical line on the key face
    • The third key is blank and is not used
    • The ENTER key sits at the bottom and has a raised circle on the key face

    Our ATM Audio Users' Guide (PDF) describes the ATM functionality, explains how to use the audio for common ATM transactions, and includes Tips and Frequently Asked Questions.

Touchscreen technology for low vision

  • If you prefer to use the screens rather than the audio, our large print Guide for ATM Users with Low Vision (PDF) includes clear images of key screens, describes the elements on the screens and explains how to complete common ATM transactions.

  • We can help

    During branch hours, our team members can assist you with our ATMs in any of our branches. If you need help after hours contact us.

  • Backed by our 100% security guarantee

    Our 100% security guarantee protects you from unauthorised transactions on personal and business accounts when you protect how you access your accounts and tell us if something is wrong. 

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