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7 maintenance tips to help protect your home

7 maintenance tips to help protect your home

Keeping your home and appliances in good condition and well maintained can help prevent damage and unexpected costs.

There are some things you can do to lower the chances of something going wrong. Here are seven maintenance tips for keeping your home safe.

1. Remove dead trees and foliage

Not only does this keep your yard tidy and safe, it can also help prevent damage from falling branches and reduce the risk of a fire spreading. If in doubt, professional arborists can help identify and remove dangerous branches.

2. Clear and clean the gutters

No-one’s favourite job – but an important one. This can help reduce rot and moisture as well as reducing the risk of a fire and gutters overflowing in wet weather. Always remember to be safe when working on roofs and ladders.

3. Check electrical outlets

Look for loose-fitting plugs, and avoid overloading electrical outlets. Also replace any frayed or damaged cords – these can result in electrical shocks and even cause fires.

4. Test your smoke alarms

With smoke often being the first warning sign of a household fire, it’s important to regularly check your fire alarms are in good working order. Change the batteries as part of a regular routine – for example, the first day of autumn and spring.

5. Remove lint and debris from dryer vents

You need to clean lint from your dryer regularly to reduce the risk of it causing a problem or making it catch alight.

6. Check your water heater

Inspect your water heater for damage or corrosion. A rusty water heater can leak, increasing the risk of mould and water damage, not to mention reducing water quality in your home.

7. Inspect your foundations

Walk around your home to check for any cracks that may indicate a structural issue or problem with your foundations. If you find something, have a qualified tradesman conduct an inspection. You don’t want things getting any worse.

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