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Getting the most out of your digital interview.

Getting the most out of your digital interview

A digital interview is an opportunity for you to tell us what can’t be put into words on your resume. To help you on your way, we have put together nine top tips on how to do your best in your digital interview!

Let us talk you through it – watch our digital interview How To video below to bring these top tips to life.

1. It’s just like a video call

You’ll be looking at pre-recorded questions, then responding to the frontward facing camera on your computer or mobile device. 

2. Do your digital interview anywhere that suits you

Whether that’s at home, on your break at work, or with your kids playing in the background – if it works for you it works for us. Just make sure you’re in a safe space. 

3. Get to know us

Jump on our website, read the role profile, and have a think about why you’d be a good fit for the role. Be sure to also read up on our vision and values – they mean a lot to us!

4. Practice makes perfect

Be sure to try out the practice questions so you can get comfortable with the process and the technology. It will help you be your best!

5. Have your notes at the ready

If you’re the type of person who takes notes to prepare for an interview, then a digital interview should be no different. Don’t be afraid to break eye contact to check them too.

6. Dress for… yourself

We want you to be your best for your digital interview, so wear something you’re comfortable in. Could be a suit and tie, a dress, or even a tshirt and shorts – if it works for you it works for us!

7. We want to see your face

When you’re setting up for your digital interview, make sure there’s not too much light behind you so that we can see your face in the recording. But don’t worry, you can always hit the ‘Hide Video’ button if you don’t want to watch yourself respond.  

8. It’s okay to start again

We know that an interview can be a bit nerve racking, so if you stumble on a sentence or lose your train of thought, it’s okay to start your answer again and finish within the time limit.

9. You can be you

We want you to be open and honest in your responses. Just relax and have some fun with it. Good luck!

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