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Top tips for a successful phone interview

Top tips for a successful phone interview

Just because you can’t see your interviewer doesn’t mean a phone job interview is any less important. Find out what it takes to stand out and master the art of verbal communication with these eight tips:

  1. PRACTICE YOUR “VIRTUAL HANDSHAKE.” Just as when you meet someone in person, the first 15 seconds are critical to making a good impression.
  2. PLAN. Make sure you’re somewhere quiet with no distractions and strong network coverage.
  3. PREPARE. Do your homework before hand. Have a look at the careers website and keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry. Keep your applications, resume and notes nearby for support.
  4. SMILE AND STAND UP. Trust us – this works! Your smile will change your tone of voice and help you come across as enthusiastic, while standing will ensure you sound energized and professional.
  5. PAUSE. THINK. RESPOND. Don’t be afraid to take your time. Interviewers would prefer you to take 30 seconds to respond rather than jumping in with a rehearsed answer that isn’t tailored to what you are being asked.
  6. FOLLOW THE STAR. When responding to a question, explain the Situation & Task, the
  7. Action you took and the Result. This will ensure your answers are relevant and concise.
  8. SILENCE IS OK. Interviewers will need time to write down your responses so don’t feel that you need to fill the gap.
  9. ASK 1-2 GENUINE QUESTIONS. These will reflect your research and reaffirm your interest in the organisation.

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