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Top tips for the perfect resume

Top tips for the perfect resume

First impressions last, so make sure you follow our ten tips for crafting the perfect resume to stand out from the crowd.

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE. First impressions count so be clear, concise and professional. Ensure the document is well formatted with no spelling mistakes. We recommend a structured approach: Contact details > Executive summary > Employment history > Other skills > Education > Extra-curricular.
  2. DEMONSTRATE SUITABILITY. It should be clear how your experience and skills are relevant to the role you’re applying for. You can highlight this in your summary as well as throughout your employment history.
  3. INCLUDE THE DETAILS. Provide enough information for the reader to decide whether you are a potential candidate. For each of your previous roles include details on your responsibilities, especially those that are relevant to the role you’re applying for.
  4. FOCUS ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. Use specific examples of your achievements in each position, ie “reduced costs by 8% in 6 months.”
  5. BULLET POINTS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. They’re a great way to highlight your skills and achievements, so don’t be afraid to use them along-side full sentences.
  6. FOUR PAGES MAXIMUM. Try to keep your resume between 2-4 pages depending on the length of your experience and the number of different roles you’ve held.
  7. BE YOURSELF. Remember to include your extra-curricular, volunteering and community activities. They show that you are a well-rounded individual with diverse interests, who can manage their time effectively.
  8. KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL. Don’t use abbreviations or jargon; it only looks lazy and unprofessional. You don’t need a profile photo either.
  9. BE HONEST. The employer will find out and it will result in a large question mark around your integrity.
  10. CHECK, CHECK AND CHECK AGAIN! As we said at the beginning, first impressions count, so make sure you don’t have any spelling or grammatical mistakes in there.