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On The Record

We are reviewing super payments for part time workers

CBA reviewing super payments for part time workers

The review will cover part-time employees who worked at Commonwealth Bank in the past eight years.

In 2009, the Australian Taxation Office made a "Superannuation Guarantee Ruling". This dealt with superannuation payable to employees. 

Commonwealth Bank decided in 2009 that whilst superannuation is payable on ordinary hours worked by our part-time employees, it is not payable on extra hours or overtime worked by them. 

We will be reviewing our payments to part-time employees who have worked at Commonwealth Bank since 2009 and we expect to complete this work by the end of June. If we identify an employee who is owed superannuation, we will reimburse it. 

We have been looking at this issue in detail, following six cases brought to our attention by the Finance Sector Union (FSU) in January this year. In these six cases, the employees concerned would have received extra superannuation entitlements of $180 per year on average, going back to 2009. While there is no change in the law, we agree that these hours worked should have superannuation applied as we want to do the right thing by our people.