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On The Record

Commonwealth Bank response to darkweb concerns

Keeping your information safe

Keeping your information safe.

There have been recent reports of information that is available for sale on the darknet.

Cyber-criminals employ a variety of methods to obtain and use sensitive information. Information is being sold on the darknet on a regular basis, and in many instances is not up to date or just incorrect.

We have invested in world-class cyber-security capabilities, which include intelligence teams and monitoring solutions that detect for any suspicious activity online that might risk our customers’ data. We also work closely with law enforcement to prevent these activities.

Unfortunately, scams and illegal activity may still occur from time to time. Our customers are protected by our 100% security guarantee covering them for any loss due to unauthorised transactions on their account.

Helping people protect themselves and avoid these methods is also extremely important to us.

There are some tips we always recommend to ensure a safer experience such as:

  • Regularly check statements for unauthorised and unusual transactions
  • Always keep your operating system, web browser, security software up-to-date
  • Always log into internet banking by typing into your web browser
  • Avoid using public WiFi networks for internet banking
  • Only install apps from official application stores, such as Apple Store or Google Store
  • Be wary of downloading apps direct from a web link
  • Be wary of suspicious looking emails, especially ones asking you for personal information or to update your personal details by clicking a web link.

If in doubt, or if there are any suspicious, unusual or unauthorised activity, Commonwealth Bank is available anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 13 2221.

We also have a dedicated website full of handy information available at to help our customers understand more about security.