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In a world-first, from today businesses will be able to use a single device to both take payments as well as access front-end point of sale and back-end processing systems; improving operational efficiency and their customers’ experience.

Commonwealth Bank and Kounta (pronounced ‘Counter’) have partnered to add a new point-of-sale app to CommBank’s market-leading EFTPOS tablet, known as Albert, to integrate a range of business, payment and POS processes on a single mobile device.

Businesses using Kounta on Albert can now accept payments, manage tables, take customer orders, split bills and update inventory levels at the same time, from the one device.

As well as offering transaction and POS functions, Kounta on Albert integrates with customer loyalty, accounting, inventory, rostering and payroll applications. No longer will businesses need to use multiple devices to run their day-to-day operations.

Claire Roberts, Executive General Manager, Local Business Banking, Commonwealth Bank said: “Kounta on Albert brings together for the first time point-of-sale, payment and back-end processes on one device with a high-level of security and connectivity. Practically, it means staff can be interacting with customers in a more efficient and personable way because they don’t need to be using multiple systems or devices.

“Partnering with Kounta to bring a POS app to Albert is another great example of the innovation we bring to clients to help them succeed,” Claire said.

Nick Cloete, Kounta Founder, believes the integration of Kounta with Albert will see a new generation of businesses use cloud-based POS technology to manage their stores more efficiently.

“As it stands, existing legacy POS systems limit the movement of retail and hospitality staff. They have to complete orders and payments at static computer and EFTPOS payment stations – a system that's now extremely outdated and not suited to the modern customer.

“In contrast, businesses that adopt Kounta on Albert will have the freedom of completing transactions including checkout, table management and splitting bills on-the-go, as well as more easily managing stock levels. They’ll also have access to immediate business insights, reporting and assistance through our reconciliation function and CommBank’s Daily IQ service,” Nick said.

Nick said that because Kounta is cloud-based, the app can be accessed across different devices and locations.

“A business owner can access store figures and results in real time while sitting on the couch at home. And if internet connection is lost, Kounta will continue to operate and auto-update figures in the cloud once back online,” Nick said.

Popular café’s experience using Kounta on Albert

Hospitality and retail staff as well as customers can expect a seamless, personalised and more convenient experience using Kounta on Albert, according to Abdullah Ramay, General Manager, Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters.

“We are loyal Albert customers because of how much it has helped our business – from making our customer service easier to supporting us in our day-to-day store management. And after just a few weeks’ use, we’ve been completely converted to the new Kounta on Albert POS.

“Albert has already let us offer our customers a more secure, more personable transaction – with split bills and tabs more easily opened and closed, as well as options for tipping. We have even offered customers the chance to support local community charity or sponsorship projects at the touch of a tablet screen.

“We are continually searching for innovative ways to improve our customer experience, and the increased ease-of-use and full mobility this device offers will help us stand out even more in their eyes,” Abdullah said.


Background on pricing and availability

Kounta on Albert provides businesses with an affordable solution that offers support across a range of day-to-day business functions. It can be subscribed to on a monthly basis as opposed to requiring a large upfront financial commitment from businesses, which has traditionally been the case with legacy POS systems.

Kounta’s payment plans start at $50 per month and are tiered depending on the different functionality and plugins businesses select.

Kounta on Albert is now available for download on App Bank.

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