In what is a concerning and confusing time for many Australians, Commonwealth Bank is launching a mass coronavirus communication campaign from today, across all mainstream and social media channels, to help customers access the support and information they need.

CBA's financial assistance contact centres are currently receiving up to eight times the usual call volumes with a significant number of customers wanting information on how to access support from CBA as well as the recently announced Government assistance measures as they face job loss and business closures.  

This new campaign, centred on a detailed Financial Guide for Customers, aims to provide clear, concise, consistent and reliable information to help customers navigate the large volume of recent announcements, as they try to comprehend what support they are eligible for and how to access it quickly.

Customers are also looking for reassurance as well as the tools that will help them regain control of their financial wellbeing.

With the Federal Government designating banking as an essential service, Commonwealth Bank intends to keep as many of its branches open as possible while also encouraging customers to use digital banking for all banking needs other than those for which a visit to a branch is unavoidable. Branches have a range of safe distancing, health and hygiene measures in place.

At such an important time for customers in need, CBA will do whatever it can to help keep as many businesses afloat, as many people in jobs, and as many people in their homes, as possible.

The new Financial Guide will be regularly updated in its easy-to-read format and is available at