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Metro to regional movers multiply

The number of city-dwellers choosing a life in the regions has hit a 12-month high, with the latest Regional Movers Index (RMI) showing metro to re...
31 May 2024

South Australia pips rivals to take economic crown: CommSec State of the States

Western Australia and Victoria close behind on economic performance indicators.
21 April 2024
28 February 2024

Travel and fitness boost household spending in January

CommBank Household Spending Insights Index rose 3.1 per cent to 141.9 in January 2024, but the bounce did not fully offset weakness in December 20...
15 February 2024
Small business

Small and medium businesses considering investments for growth in 2024

Small and medium-sized businesses are focusing on strengthening their customer proposition, with 80 per cent planning to use one or more strategies...
30 January 2024
State of the States

South Australia is best performing economy for first time: CommSec State of the States

South Australia makes history, taking top spot on the State of the States leader board.
29 January 2024
Research and reports

Millennials and Gen Z take at least as many photos of their pets as they do of their families

New research from CBA reveals notable generational differences when it comes to pet owners.
24 January 2024
Household spending

Rate rises and pre-Christmas sales saw household spending drop sharply in December

CommBank Household Spending Insights Index fell 3.9 per cent to 137 in December.
15 January 2024
Cost of living

New year, new budget: how behavioural science can help achieve money resolutions

New research from CBA shows most Aussies will look to make their money work harder this New Year, as CBA’s Chief Behavioural Scientist shares some ...
21 December 2023
Household spending

Australians looking to Black Friday and Cyber Monday for deals on essential purchases

New CommBank research highlights how Australians are looking to deals and discounts to help with the cost of living.
23 November 2023
Cost of living

Consumers cut back discretionary spend but leave room for travel and entertainment

Latest CommBank iQ Cost of Living Insights Report shows spending falling for younger Australians with those in their twenties hardest hit.
21 November 2023

Sydney exodus sees NSW pass Queensland as regional relocation destination of choice

Australia continues to have a highly mobile population, with the overall number of movers this quarter at its third highest level since March 2018....
1 November 2023
Scams and fraud

Research shows Australians are more scam-aware than 12 months ago as losses fall

Over the last year CommBank protected customers from more than $228 million scam attempts through its prevention and detection program.
25 September 2023
Household spending

Surge in international students, higher petrol prices and FIFA World Cup drove increased household spending in August

CommBank Household Spending Insights Index rose 0.7 per cent in August, with strongest monthly gain in Queensland. However annual spending growth r...
13 September 2023
Research and reports

Consumers opt for convenience and money-saving technologies amidst higher cost of living

Budget-conscious Australians are redirecting funds towards essential goods and services or savings, and changing their shopping and spending habits...
8 September 2023

Pharmacies innovate in response to 60-day dispensing

Pharmacies are turning to digital technology to reduce costs while expand services in response to the challenges of 60-day dispensing, new CommBank...
17 August 2023
Household spending

New CommBank Household Spending Insights Index shows consumers continued to tighten belts in July

Monthly CommBank HSI Index is based on de-identified transaction data of CBA customers and 12 spending categories. Shows Western Australia had the ...
15 August 2023

Regional Western Australia emerges as growth hotspot

Regional areas in Western Australia have emerged as favourites with both city slickers and regional residents in the year to June 2023, the latest ...
31 July 2023
State of the States

Tasmania edges NSW as best performing economy: CommSec State of the States

Tasmania holds off a challenge from NSW to stay on top of the leader board.
24 July 2023
Household spending

CommBank HSI Index drops 1.7% in June, as discretionary spending weakens further

Decline led by reduced spending on home buying, health & fitness, entertainment and travel, with utilities spending increasing at its highest rate ...
11 July 2023

Research from CommBank reveals why Gen Z aren’t answering your call

New CommBank research reveals the lengths young Australians would go to in order to avoid a phone conversation
29 June 2023

Employment opportunities drive mobility across Australia to its highest point in five years

Mobility across Australia is at its highest point since March 2018, driven by employment opportunities, business and industry growth, the latest Re...
31 May 2023

Manufacturers set to expand production and drive profit growth with ‘efficiency, productivity and sustainability’

Australian manufacturers expect to increase production volumes in the next 12 months, supported by higher capital expenditure and investment in tec...
17 May 2023
Cost of living

Australians in their early thirties and renters feeling most pressure from rising cost of living

New CommBank iQ Cost of Living Insights Report uses bank transaction data to provide business customers with powerful insights into changes in cons...
17 May 2023
State of the States

Tasmania back on top: CommSec State of the States

Queensland slips back to second place, in a draw with South Australia.
1 May 2023
Household spending

Return to work drives increased transport spending

Rise of CommBank HSI Index in March also led by increased entertainment, retail, travel and education spending - as annual spending growth continue...
18 April 2023
Household spending

CommBank HSI Index declines again in February, led by weaker spending on entertainment, retail and travel

Commbank HSI Index declines again in February, led by weaker spending on entertainment, retail and travel.
14 March 2023

Regional Movers Index - December 2022 quarter

Population patterns across regional Australia are rapidly changing, with regional Queensland and Victoria surging in popularity, according to the C...
1 March 2023

General practices turn to smart health solutions to navigate rising demand for primary care

Healthcare providers are increasing their take-up of digital solutions to improve operational efficiencies and patient experiences, new CommBank He...
21 February 2023
Household spending

Summer holidays support spending in January, as consumer activity slows

CommBank HSI Index drops 6.9 per cent after Christmas, with signs of slowdown in retail activity
16 February 2023
State of the States

Queensland is the best performing state economy for the first time: CommSec State of the States

Latest quarterly CommSec data shows Queensland is now the best performing economy in Australia, as Tasmania drops to second place.
23 January 2023
Research and reports

Record demand for workers one of the strongest ‘pull factors’ for regional movers

Regional business and jobs growth is providing more opportunities for the increasing number of people leaving cities for a life in the regions, acc...
17 November 2022