Research released today by CommBank and More has revealed new insights into the complexities behind Gen Z’s relationship with staying connected with friends and family.  

The research revealed only 1 in 10 Gen Z Aussies would prefer to talk to their friends and family via a phone call, despite an overwhelming consensus (98 per cent) believing it’s important to stay connected with friends and family - with face to face and texting being their preferred way to communicate.

For Gen Z, 87 per cent admit to handling an unpleasant task via text message instead of picking up the phone, with nearly half admitting that speaking on the phone makes them feel anxious (49 per cent). 

Not only do Gen Z dislike speaking on the phone, they go as far to say an awkward phone call is one of the top three things they would most want to avoid (42 per cent), ahead of large social gatherings (37 per cent) or their phone dying in public (35 per cent). Four in 10 admitted to “ghosting” someone just to avoid having a tough conversation over the phone (39 per cent), and almost 6 in 10 dread making or accepting a phone call, even if it's necessary.

While speaking on the phone is unpopular, other ways of keeping in touch that Gen Z prefer include in-person/face-to-face meet ups with friends and family (32 per cent), followed by texting or messaging (26 per cent) and social media platforms (16 per cent).

Richard Branson, COO of fast-growing telco More, said there shouldn’t be a huge cost to connect with your friends and family – regardless of your preferences - so it’s important you choose a flexible mobile plan that maximises your savings.

“With cost-of-living biting, nearly all Aussies are looking at ways they can cut costs but one essential expense that is often overlooked is their mobile plan.

“We eliminate the obstacles to switching, such as expensive lock in contracts or the inconvenience of losing your mobile number” Mr Branson said.

“At More, fixed contracts are a thing of the past as we know how important it is to offer customers flexibility especially as their circumstances change. We also make it easy for customers to port their existing mobile number over.

“We encourage customers to calculate the cost to unlock their phone – even if they are paying off the handset – and compare that to the saving they can make by moving to a more affordable provider.

“Aussies should be able to enjoy quality and reliable mobile service without breaking the bank or committing to expensive contracts” Mr Branson added.

“Dependable mobile coverage and service – no matter what you use it for – doesn’t have to come at a steep price.”

All CommBank retail customers who sign up to More using a CommBank credit or debit card as their online bill payment method before 31 August 2023 are eligible to receive 30 per cent off a More mobile plan for the first 12 months, and a 10 per cent ongoing discount off their plan if they choose to stay with More.

More’s mobile coverage area footprint reaches more than 98.8 per cent of the Australian population.

Important information

This study was conducted online by YouGov during May 2023 using a sample of 1,025 Gen Z (aged 18-26) across Australia. Gender and region quotas were applied to the sample. Results were post-weighted by gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates.


Offer of 30% off a More SIM-only plan for 12 months is for customers who complete the sign up by 31 August 2023 and use a CommBank debit or credit card at checkout and as your online bill payment method. This offer is a once off annual discount to be applied on a monthly basis over a period of 12 months. The 12 months is a promotional period and commences from the day that your mobile service is activated. After the 12 month promotional period the cost of your plan will revert to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) current at that time, subject to an ongoing monthly discount of 10% off the RRP of your plan as long as you use a CommBank debit or credit card as your online bill payment method. You must continue to have your CommBank credit or debit card registered as the preferred online bill payment method on your account. If you change your preferred online bill payment method to a non-CommBank card, you will forfeit all discounts available with this offer. Access to the offer will be revoked with effect from the following month, with the cost of your plan reverting to the RRP current at that time. The RRP of More mobile plans are subject to change in accordance with More’s terms of service. This offer is on a no fixed term contract and you are free to cancel at any time without charges. However, cancelling your service within the 12 month promotional period will forfeit any remaining months discounted at 30% off. All discounts available with this offer apply to monthly plan fees and do not apply in relation to any handset charges or any fees in respect of additional services or usage outside of plan inclusions. If you sign up, More will be your service provider for your mobile service and will handle all technical enquiries, complaints and servicing. The provision of your mobile service will be subject to More’s standard terms of service and policies, which are available here on the More Website. CommBank reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.

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