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Millennials embrace telehealth consultations with general practitioners

New data has revealed more than 95 per cent of general practices (GPs) across Australia are now offering telehealth technology in response to the C...
28 October 2020

CBA supports Bribery Prevention Network

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has joined forces with several other ASX-listed companies, government and civil society organisations to launch the ...
21 October 2020

Working from home sees spike in cyber-scams

An increase in the number of Australians working from home due to COVID-19 has resulted in a surge in remote access cyber-scams, Commonwealth Bank ...
20 October 2020
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Commonwealth Bank 2020 Annual General Meeting introductory video

Commonwealth Bank 2020 Annual General Meeting introductory video.
13 October 2020
Our people

2020 Commonwealth Bank Annual General Meeting: Chairman's Address

Address by Catherine Livingstone AO, Chairman of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, at the Bank’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The webcast o...
13 October 2020
Marketing and sponsorship

A sight for core "i's"

Customers expect brands to know who they are and translate information and insights into simple, value-add interactions, explains Commonwealth Bank...
12 October 2020
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Brand loyalty: A history of the Commonwealth Bank logo

I go, you go, we go together. What better way to express that as a company than in a logo. Danny John and Steven Politzer report.
12 October 2020
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Commonwealth Bank unveils new brand identity

Highlighting the next step in its transformation, Commonwealth Bank has this week unveiled its refreshed brand identity and complementary marketing...
12 October 2020
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Evolution not revolution

For the first time in decades, Commonwealth Bank of Australia has reimagined its logo to reflect the next chapter in the bank’s history. In a...
12 October 2020

A Tale of Two Pandemics: The Spanish Flu 1919-1920 - economic impacts and recovery

Exactly 100 years ago, another pandemic - the Spanish flu - brought the country to its knees. Despite the passing of time, economically and sociall...
7 October 2020
Corporate responsibility

CBA increases parental leave support for employees

CBA provides increased paid leave for parents who experience stillbirth to 12 weeks.
24 August 2020