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CommBank and Airtasker FAQs

Last updated 06 December 2016

Q: What is Airtasker?

A: Airtasker is an Australian online community marketplace where people and businesses can outsource tasks, find local services or hire flexible staff. You can learn more about our partnership at

Q: What is Airtasker’s CommBank Identified badge?

A: By adding the CommBank Identified badge to your profile, you’re using your CommBank verified identity to stand out from other Airtasker members.

To add the CommBank Identified badge you’ll need to be a CommBank customer who’s been identified by our customer verification process and be an Airtasker member.

The badge will be added if the name and date of birth held by us match those listed on your Airtasker profile.

Q: What information will CommBank share with Airtasker and will it be stored?

By choosing to add the CommBank Identified badge to your profile you consent to us sharing your full name and date of birth with Airtasker. This information will be processed in a secure manner and will only be used to confirm a match. It will not be stored by Airtasker.

Airtasker won’t see any of your financial or CommBank log on details.

Q: Can I remove the CommBank Identified badge from my Airtasker profile?

A: You can remove the CommBank Identified badge any time by clicking the Remove button on the verifications page of your Airtasker profile.

Q: What if an Airtasker member with the CommBank Identified badge is not who they say they are, or does not deliver the service?

CommBank has no knowledge of and makes no representation of any member’s ability to perform the tasks they bid for and takes no responsibility for services not delivered or completed to the desired standard. CommBank makes no representation that the member who provides the services is the member represented in their online profile. All queries regarding Airtasker should be directed to Airtasker Support Services at

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