Preparing your business

Make plans

Create a business continuity plan outlining the steps you’ll take to respond and recover from a bushfire. It should include your emergency action plan with evacuation routes, emergency contacts and critical business operations. Get the input of your staff in case you’ve missed anything and to help familiarise them with the plan. Planning ahead is crucial for business continuity, but also to keep you and your team safe. As Australia’s bushfire season approaches, we look at how to prepare your business.

Consider supply chain interruptions

Even if you’re not located in a high-risk area, your supply chain might be. What if your products couldn’t be delivered to you? Think about how you would manage this disruption and communicate it to your customers.

Establish emergency funds

It’s a good idea for your business to have funds set aside for unexpected costs. Aim to regularly save a portion of your revenue for emergencies. Otherwise, you might need to consider a business overdraft or credit card.

Review your insurance

Check your policies are up-to-date and that you’ve got the necessary cover. Speak to your insurance provider to find out if you’re covered for bushfires and natural disasters, as you might need to consider additional cover.

Back up your data

Organise and back up your critical data to a cloud-based solution. That way you’ll be able to access everything you need, no matter where you are. Having all your documentation organised and accessible will make your life easier when it comes to insurance claims.  

Responding during a bushfire 

Stay up-to-date

Bushfire safety alerts can change quickly. So it’s important to monitor the situation closely and always follow advice from emergency services. 

Put plans into action

Activate your business continuity plan to keep your business on track. Make sure the safety of your employees and customers is top priority. 


Keep your team, customers and suppliers updated. Maintaining open lines of communications can provide reassurance and support during difficult times. 

What to do after a bushfire

Financial support

CommBank's Emergency Assistance is available to customers and businesses affected by bushfires, floods and storms. It includes customised assistance such as loan restructuring and waiving of selected fees and charges. 

Government assistance

Use the Benefits finder tool in the CommBank app or NetBank to explore additional grants and rebates that you might be eligible for.