What’s a notice deposit?

Smooth your day-to-day business cash flow, by earning interest and being able to access funds with short notice, with a notice deposit account.

17 January 2024

What's a notice deposit?

A notice deposit (also known as a notice account) is a bank account that allows you to withdraw funds, but only after you’ve given notice. It offers competitive interest rates, flexibility to access funds depending on the notice period you choose when you apply, and no fixed maturity dates.

How a notice deposit works

  1. Choose and open a notice period that suits your needs (for example, 7 days)
  2. Start earning interest and top up your balance any time
  3. When you need funds, submit a notice for the amount you’d like to withdraw
  4. After the notice period has ended, you can access your funds and transfer them to your chosen account 

Benefits of a notice deposit

  • Smooth your day-to-day business cash flow, by earning interest and also accessing funds with short notice when you need them
  • Competitive interest rates compared to regular savings accounts
  • Top-up your balance any time and watch it grow online 
  • Choose a notice period from as little as 48 hours, to suit your business needs 
  • No minimum balance on 48 hour or 7-day notice periods
  • Open multiple accounts with different notice periods to address your diverse business needs
  • $0 account keeping fees1

Keep in mind

  • You won’t be able to withdraw your balance until your notice period has ended
  • Notice periods are chosen when you open your account and can’t be changed. You can however open multiple accounts with different notice periods
  • Some interest rates are variable, meaning they can change based on market conditions

Save and top-up your balance

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Things you should know 

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1 Please refer to ‘What these terms and conditions cover’ in the CGA General Information and Terms and Conditions for further details on the terms of your contract with us, regarding fees that may apply to your account. Generally we’ll credit any funds to your Balance on Hold, and debit fees and charges from your Balance at Call. However, your Balance on Hold or Balance on Notice may also be debited for fees and charges for certain types of transactions. If this happens, the most you’ll be able to withdraw is your available balance, as determined by us, adjusted for these fees and charges (which may be lower than your Balance at Call displayed in your online banking).