There is no denying 2020 has been a challenging year.

Bushfires ravaged many parts of Australia, while COVID-19 brought the global economy to its knees.

In a podcast with Commonwealth Bank’s Editor-in-Chief Danny John, the bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, Monique Macleod, said customers have looked to the Bank for support throughout these challenging times.

“People have expectations of how we will respond in times like this,” Ms Macleod said.

“People look to us for solutions, for hope, for optimism, as well as a way forward.

“If you think back to when CommBank started in 1911, our purpose was to be the bank for all Australians, a bank for business, and a bank for the country.

“It is important we carry that legacy forward and continue to be there for our customers during these challenging times.”

Ms Macleod said it was important for the bank to ‘show up’ for customers in good times and in bad and do that through ‘deeds and actions, not just words’.

“The path we have been on for some years and the way we have shown up to support customers this year has changed how many people perceive us,” she said.

The new visual identity reflects this positive shift.

According to Ms Macleod, the new identity is a confident expression of the bank’s future – a symbol of strength, stability, optimism and leadership.

“We’ve made a few refinements that all the research shows better reflects the optimism, leadership and reassurance that people want from us. To demonstrate us being aligned with our true purpose and providing a brighter future for tomorrow,” she said.

“What you will see is an evolution not a revolution. One that is very much aligned with our purpose.”

To hear more about Commonwealth Bank’s refreshed brand identity, listen to the full podcast.