Commonwealth Bank has recently supported the Australian Government to assess the ethical adoption and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across Australia. As part of a Government pilot Commonwealth Bank shared its insights of how it employed AI when creating and designing the CommBank app feature Bill Sense.

CBA Chief Decision Scientist, Dan Jermyn said the bank was proud to support the government on its national pilot. Mr Jermyn believed it was a good opportunity to share general learnings and experiences about AI, as well as identify opportunities for potential future industry improvements.

“CBA regularly uses AI to deliver features and experiences that are highly personalised, easy-to-use and add value for customers during every interaction. It was incredibly valuable collaborating with the government and other businesses on testing Australia’s national AI ethics principles in various situations,” said Mr Jermyn.

CBA is one of six organisations that has been working with the government since 2019 to better drive the adoption of ethical and responsible AI in Australia.

“Given the importance we place on using AI technology and the investment we’ve made into AI systems, participating and contributing to the government pilot was an easy decision for us. We see the government’s AI ethics framework as being essential when developing complex AI systems to help ensure AI is being used responsibly to improve financial wellbeing of customers and communities,” said Mr Jermyn.

The Bill Sense feature in the CommBank was designed in accordance with the national AI ethics framework to help customers plan and stay in control of their regular payments and subscriptions up to 12 months in advance.

“Our well-established processes and governance, including around data safety and security, help CBA to apply AI safely and with the right accountabilities,” said Mr Jermyn.

Read about how CBA applied the national AI principles when developing Bill Sense.

Note for Editors

Australia’s AI Ethics Principles are designed to ensure AI is safe, secure and reliable. The principles are voluntary and are intended by the government to be aspirational and complement – not substitute – existing AI regulations and practices.