Payments systems have evolved significantly over the years, with many terminals now boasting touchscreen technology and customisable features.

Commonwealth Bank’s recently launched ‘Smart’ terminal offers merchants the latest technology and in-built features, including improved connectivity[i] with Dual SIM functionality; in-built tipping and surcharging[ii] features; and a customisable payment experience with an ‘App marketplace[iii]'.

Importantly, the new Smart terminal includes an extensive range of accessibility features including voice to text, increased volume of audio cues, and enlarged text and colour options. In an Australian first, the device is also fitted with a stencil overlay around the touchscreen to better help customers orientate the key numbers and functions on the screen.

When developing the new terminals, Commonwealth Bank’s General Manager Merchant Solutions, Karen Last, said the bank also took into account both the needs of merchants, and their own customers.

Specifically, Ms Last said the bank had sought to significantly improve the accessibility features of its payments terminal.

“As part of our goal to become Australia’s most accessible bank, it is important that we considered how we can be the most inclusive as well. Through consultation with community groups, we made a number of accessibility enhancements to our latest terminals including improving the PIN entry instructions, simplifying the training mode function and improving font size and letters.

“Our new Smart terminal incorporates feedback from technology partners, accessibility specialists, and members from the blind and low vision community. We now want to ensure anyone who is interested in the terminal, has the opportunity to test it and learn all about its features,” said Ms Last. 

As part of this, the bank has been hosting a series of accessibility roadshows across the country.  All are welcome to attend and will be able to learn about the new terminal to gain an understanding on:

  • Methods to activate accessibility mode 
  • Processing a payment via contactless payment
  • Using tactile indicators to enter a PIN, and
  • Making payments via swiping or inserting your card.

The roadshow, which runs for several weeks, officially kicked off in Melbourne in May, with CommBank representatives engaging with a number of accessibility champions from across the state.

Ms Last said it was critical for the bank to test its Smart terminals with customers beyond the initial design phase, and rather on a consistent and ongoing basis.

“We’re always open to feedback on how we might continue to evolve our products over time. When it comes to our Smart terminals, we need to ensure they work for both our merchants and their customers. Across all of our product design in the merchant space – whether it’s the development of our terminals or an ecommerce experience – we need to make sure these products and experiences are delivering for our business customers, and helping them to deliver against the needs of their customers.”

The CommBank Smart Roadshow continues this week in Sydney and Canberra. For more information visit or view a Smart Accessibility guide and videos at

CBA also recently spoke to Vision Australia about the improved accessibility features of the terminal and the Smart Roadshow, available to listen here

Things you should know

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[i] Connectivity to a secured Wi-Fi network is supported subject to network coverage and compatible areas.

[ii] Surcharging is a useful tool to recover the costs of processing card payments in your business. However, the value of the surcharge must not exceed the value that it costs you to accept the transaction, you can find more information at

[iii] App Marketplace available on all Smart terminals with publicly available apps coming soon.

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