As cost of living continues to rise and our dollars need to stretch further, using the buying power of rewards and loyalty programs may bring some much-needed relief. The question is, how do you get the most bang for your buck from the overwhelming range of programs offered by supermarkets, petrol stations, airlines, retailers, delivery services and more? Here’s how to make those points and benefits stack up faster – without spending the money that you don’t have and buying things that you don’t need.

Redeem rewards points on weekly essentials

Look for bonus-point offers on products that you need to buy regularly. For example, the Everyday Rewards programs offer different bonus-point products each week – stock up on those when bonus points are up for grabs.

Make rewards points count

Keep a list of homewares that need updating and purchase that bowl set or hand mixer when the right offer arises. Also reduce your weekly spend by redeeming points for groceries.

Utilise your bank for rewards and offers

Make the most of your spendings by earning cashbacks, discounts and free entry into prize draws linked to your banking services. The CommBank Yello program gives eligible customers benefits such as  cashback on their home insurance, shopping offers and discounts on home-related purchases. 

Consider buying in bulk

Some programs offer thousands of extra points if you spend a certain amount of money on groceries in a specific week or two. Buy big-ticket household items that you will always need to qualify for those extra points during that period.

Consider the little guys

Don’t overlook humble reward programs, like the loyalty card at your local coffee shop that may offer a coffee on the house after you buy nine. They can offer great value for money.

Look for every opportunity to join reward programs

Get to know all the places that you can collect points – then check the loyalty program’s website so that you scan whenever possible and make the most of new offers. When it’s time to invest in bigger items for your home, buy it from a retailer who is a part of the program, so that you benefit from more than just the purchase. 

Thinks to consider before joining reward programs

When you sign up for a reward or loyalty program, make sure you’re aware of the joining fees or how to use your points. Read notices about changes to the terms and conditions and find out if the points that you accumulate will expire after a certain  time – that’s important if you plan to save your points to use towards a big-ticket item such as white goods. 

CommBank Yello

The bank’s new customer-recognition program gives eligible customers access to benefits such as cashbacks, discounts and prize draws. Read more about CommBank Yello offers here.

The CommBank Yello Terms and Conditions apply, and eligibility criteria is subject to change. Search CommBank Yello to learn more.