Do you need an ASIC reference check?

  • As set out in the ASIC reference checking and information sharing protocol (ASIC Protocol) you can contact us to submit your reference request to one of the appropriate email address below.
  • Please include a copy of the prospective representative's completed consent form with your reference request submission
  • Please note that there is a different contact depending on whether the individual was an Employee, Representative, Financial Adviser or Mortgage Broker.
  • Only send the reference request to one of the contacts listed below.


For current or former employees or representatives (except for financial advisers and mortgage brokers) of the following entities:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Colonial Services Pty Limited
  • Commonwealth Securities Limited
  • Commonwealth Insurance Limited
  • BWA Group Services Pty Ltd
  • Financial Wisdom
  • Email:


For current or former Financial advisers and Mortgage Brokers:

Commonwealth Financial Planning advisers (including CFP-Pathways former financial advisers)

Commonwealth Private Limited advisers