Why join us?

Do you want to work somewhere that works for you? And have some fun along the way?

Then our Contact Centre is where you want to be. With awesome people and supportive leaders, it’s a place where you’ll get the opportunity to work from home, make a difference, and be supported to build your skills and confidence. As the first point of contact for our customers, you’ll be contributing and making an impact every day. 

We speak to 10 million customers each year, making their everyday banking simple and easy. We’re a diverse bunch from every corner of Australia, who care for each other as much as we care for our customers.

Meet our team

Direct Banking 

We’re here to help our customers over the phone, digitally and through social media. With all our call centres operating from 7 different locations across Australia, on average we speak with 50,000 customers a day for over 1 million talk hours per year.

Our Customer Care Specialists are often the first port of call for customers, both local and abroad. We handle a wide range of enquiries for a number of different products and services offered across the Group, including: Credit Cards, Savings and Transactions, Netbank, the CommBank App and Complaint Resolution.

Meet our people

Meet Hannah

“I enjoy working in Direct Banking because of the flexibility, culture, and support I get as an employee. Speaking to and liaising with a broad variety of customers, from all walks of life and sharing genuine connections with people every day is what keeps me on the phones. Through my time working here, I’ve also met some great people and made lifelong friends

The team and culture here is great. I’m able to work the shifts that work for me and then have a balance of living my life outside of work. You’ll find me boating, fishing, or camping around the Tamar Valley region and East Coast of Tassie. When I’m not outdoors, I’m spending time with my plants – which I find to be a great form of relaxation when I get off work! “

Hannah  Customer Care Specialist
Launceston, TAS
Shift  Monday to Friday

Meet Nick

“For me, I love helping people and solving problems. In Direct Banking, I get to do both at once. Customers call for a wide range of enquiries and each call is so unique the job never gets dull. There’s always something new to learn and my mind is constantly engaged. 

Having the option to work from home gives me a lot more time to achieve what I need to do outside of my shift hours – for me mainly taking the time to exercise. I enjoy coming into the office every couple of weeks to see my team face to face. It’s that balance that makes the difference.

Working in the Contact Centre can be challenging, however, the thing that we have here is support. I’ve personally thrived in working towards improving my daily performance, learning new things, and keeping up to date with change. We’ve got such a great culture in the team – the continued support and friendships are a big factor of why I enjoy working in Direct Banking.”

Nick – Senior Customer Care Specialist
Newcastle, NSW
Shift – Tuesday to Saturday

Meet Sheree

“I feel empowered as a Customer Care Specialist. I’m skilled in handling a wide range of enquiries that relate to several different products and services offered across the Group. Being in a position to support our customers with their banking needs is incredibly fulfilling. It feels great to have such an important role in the community. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and my team is the first point of contact for many of them – local and abroad.

My role supports me in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. At work, I receive the tools to up-skill my abilities and develop myself as a professional. Outside of work, you’ll find me looking for new recipes to cook and then devour afterwards!”

Sheree – Customer Care Specialist
Shift – Weekends & Nights

Meet  Faria

“I’ve worked at CommBank for almost 11 years, and most of that has been in the contact centre. Having kids, it’s been a career that works for me and my lifestyle. I’ve had great managers over my time along with some great mentors. All who’ve guided me to become the person I am today. Over the years, I’ve exceeded my own expectations through everything that I’ve learnt and continue to learn.

I’m in a position now where I’m lucky to give back to those around me through educating others and training new staff. It’s great to be able to share my knowledge and talk to people about the great work environment and what CommBank has to offer.”

Faria - Customer Care Specialist
Shift – Monday to Thursday

Application process

  • Step 2: You’ll be asked to complete an online assessment including a digital interview

    Step 3: You’ll get a call from one of our recruiters to answer any questions you may have

    Step 4: You’ll be asked to attend an assessment centre (virtual or face to face)

    Step 5: Successful candidates will receive news of their offer

    Step 6: Before starting you’ll be asked to complete background checks


  • What are our Contact Centre locations and operating hours?

    • Sydney: 24/7
    • Newcastle: 6:30am – 10:30pm Monday to Sunday (AEST)
    • Melbourne: 7am – 9:15pm Monday to Sunday (AEST)
    • Brisbane: 8am – 5:45pm Tuesday to Saturday (AEST)
    • Launceston: 7am – 8pm Monday to Friday AND 7:30am-8:15pm Saturday (AEST)
    • Hobart: 7am – 10pm Monday to Friday (AEST)
    • Perth: 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday (AWST)
  • What does my shift schedule look like and can I change my hours? 

    Upon you receiving your offer, you will be provided a base shift. Your shifts may change each month to meet customer demands, however any change will only be by 2 hours (+/-).

    We expect that you’re able to maintain your base hours for at least 12 months to meet our customer enquiries.

  • I’m on a work from home flexible arrangement. Will this affect my ability to learn and be set up for success in the role?

    Not at all! In fact, we’ve redesigned this role and the way we deliver training to make sure you’re fully supported, confident and capable before you service customers on your own.

    Training will be 7 weeks full time (paid!) with ongoing support:

    • Week 1: 2-3 days in the office to collect IT and get you set up for working from home, where training will be facilitated.
    • Week 2-4: You’ll be trained by our Learning and Development team to learn about our products.
    • Week 5-6: You’ll be buddied with a subject matter expert who’ll be there to guide you on your journey.
    • Week 7 onwards: You’ll start working from home, taking customer calls. Don’t worry – help is only a click away!

    We have one team day in the office per fortnight, so you get the opportunity to reconnect with your team face to face.