Let wonder take over

No one day will be the same as another. No problem. No solution. Explore our history that speaks for itself. Imagine a future you’ll help create.

Make success happen

With a passion for data, we obsess over every detail and don’t stop until we find the best result. Data and Analytics drive our business – and quickly.


Expect opportunity. Our community of more than 1000 analytic minds means you’ll be exposed to diverse thinking and challenged to be your best.


With nearly 16 million customers and more than 5.6 million active online users, the insights available to us are endless.


This isn’t a test run. We’re solving vast, complex problems for real customers. It’s not progress for progress sake, it’s critical.


Chart the course. You’ll be with the data all the way, understanding the context, uncovering insights and seeing the results unfold.

Our teams

Working together, we grow careers, ideas, solutions and potential. We collaborate, learn and innovate. Every day.

Data Science

Our Data Scientists are curious, creative and passionate about solving problems. They help turn numbers into something meaningful our customers can get the most out of. We use everything from computer science, statistics, machine learning, deep learning and business analysis to extract valuable insights from large structured and unstructured data sets. This means we can make smarter decisions faster. 

Quantitative & Predictive Modelling

These teams build and enhance quantitative and predictive models to support economic, business or financial analysis. Using advanced algorithms, we help our stakeholders understand what their next steps should be. Essentially, we help represent the reality of multiple business factors with numbers so we’re always on the front foot for our customers.

Insights Analytics

We look at and work through complex data sets to gain insights. These might be used for day-to-day decision making, or to help our senior leaders make big-picture, strategic decisions. Our aim is to provide customers with the right product or service at the right time. 

Analytics Engineering & Platform Management

Our job is to build and manage technology platforms and systems designed to extract and consume data. We make sure they’re as advanced and reliable as possible so that we can seamlessly access complex datasets. The systems we build and manage are critical to delivering insights and improving our customer experience. 

Our scale

2.6 billion+

2.6 billion+ transactions seen in FY19 across point of sale, internet, atm & branch.

16 million

16 million customers globally, including 13.1 million customers in Australia.