Our Purpose

  • Building a brighter future for all

    It’s why we exist – it’s the reason we come to work each day.

Our Values

We’re a passionate organisation driven to make a difference.

Our values represent us when we’re at our most purposeful. They reflect the ways of working that have helped us make a real difference for so many people.


We care about our customers and each other – we serve with humility and transparency.


We have the courage to step in, speak up and lead by example.


We are unwavering in our commitment – we do what’s right and we work together to get things done.

Our People Promise 

The CommBank People Promise brings our purpose and values together. It’s the experience you can expect to have at CommBank, and what we expect in return - so that together we can build a brighter future for you.

Our commitment to you
Your commitment
Together we will
Inspire you with work that makes a difference – you can see, hear and feel the impact you make.
Live our values of Care, Courage, and Commitment – deliver outcomes that have the greatest impact on our customers, communities and each other. 
Build a brighter future for all
Surround you with talented and accountable people that respect and value each other – you can do your best work together, supported with open and honest feedback.
Bring your best to solve challenges and innovate – be a trusted teammate for people seeking ideas, feedback and stretch.
Bring out the best in each other
Empower you to grow personally and professionally – you can build new skills, have diverse experiences, and use your talents and technology in new ways.
Own your development – embrace new ways of thinking, learning and working.
Unleash your potential

Our Code of Conduct

  • Our Code of Conduct includes our Values, with a ‘Should We?’ test, and key Group Policies with the outcomes we expect. It guides our decision making so we can do what’s right in every situation. Our Code sets clear boundaries for actions that are unethical and provide a roadmap for getting help when we run into unanticipated challenges.

Our Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles are designed to help you understand what’s required to lead successfully at CommBank. These Principles include both mind-sets and behaviours that will guide you in providing greater connection to our customers and empowerment within teams.

Obsess over customers

  • Prioritise the customer above all else
  • Relentlessly improve our customers’ lived experience
  • Anticipate and solve unmet customer needs

Lead as an owner

  • Create clarity, remove complexity and build alignment
  • Apply good judgement to take smart risks and focus on value
  • Seek out obstacles and find solutions

Be curious and humble

  • Seek feedback, reflect and improve
  • Ask questions and never stop learning
  • Set ambitious goals and persevere

Create exceptional teams

  • Attract and develop great people and unleash their potential
  • Inspire confidence, openness and trust
  • Deliver better outcomes, sooner and safer