About our Labs

We are turning today’s ideas into tomorrow’s ground-breaking innovation. A focus on the future is essential to your business. By sharing our insights and experience we can partner with your business to collaborate and build your competitive edge. 

Our Innovation Labs provide the processes, expertise and facilities to help drive innovative initiatives into the hands of customers, including new ventures through our new venture-building entity X15 Ventures

Project Bond-i

In August 2018 the World Bank and CommBank successfully launched Bond-i ('blockchain operated new debt instrument'). It's the world's first bond to be created, allocated, transferred and managed through its life cycle using blockchain technology.

Explore some of our other blockchain initiatives, including:

A new marketplace for biodversity investment and protection

Empowering NDIS participants with blockchain technology

To find out more about how to collaborate with CommBank on blockchain please contact the Innovation Lab.

Partner with the CommBank Innovation Labs

CommBank has a goal to launch 25 new solutions to our customers by 2024. The Innovation Labs play an essential role in facilitating ideas and opportunities through our employees and business clients. We also work with entrepreneurs on scaling solutions through our venture-building entity X15 Ventures

Centres of Expertise

Connect with your relationship manager today to hear about how your organisation could partner with CommBank Innovation Labs, to explore a new innovation or venture in partnership.

While we’re open to all opportunities, we have invested in in-house capabilities in four Centres of Expertise: Blockchain, Embodied AI, Social Innovation and Fintech. 


Our Blockchain Centre of Expertise brings together broad commercial and technical skills, including a core team of specialist blockchain engineers. We collaborate with clients, fintechs, universities, government and other market stakeholders to explore blockchain solutions across industry sectors including financial services, trade, logistics and government.

Embodied AI

Our Embodied AI Centre of Expertise conducts experiments with embodied AI technology (social robots, voice platforms, embedded vision) with a view to drive commercial outcomes across the Group.

Social Innovation

Our Social Innovation Centre of Expertise will focus CommBank’s innovation assets on creating positive change in Australia. Our Social Innovation programs are designed to develop and facilitate partnerships that bring together business, government, not for profits and academia.


Our Fintech Centre of Expertise looks to test and develop new ideas arising from emerging trends in financial technology, consumer behaviour and business models. We collaborate with clients, fintechs and other stakeholders to explore solutions that have the potential to revolutionise how consumers and businesses handle financial transactions.

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Three questions

We ask three questions to explore opportunities:

  1. Does it address an emerging or unsolved need or want of consumers, businesses or Government?
  2. Does it leverage current technology and business model tailwinds, to offer real solutions for the future?
  3. Do we have the ability – as the Innovation Lab and X15 Ventures, CommBank and our partners – to add value and help bring it to life?

Learn more about our four key themes and how we partner with start-ups, corporates and the broader community. 

Four key themes

1. Home and Housing

Solutions focused on housing and rental affordability and access, managing and optimising a home, and transforming the way homes are bought and sold.

2. Modern living, learning and earning

Life is accelerating. Digitisation of the economy drives tremendous opportunities, but brings new challenges to employment, financial wellbeing, access and inclusion. We’re interested in solutions which tackle everyday hassle, and transform key moments that matter in our lives.

3. Digital and data-enabled business

We’re looking for ways to make it easier to own and manage a business. Business models are transforming in the digital and data economy –we’re here to make sure those tools and opportunities work for small business, Government, and enterprise.

4. Platforms to exchange, record and verify

There are lots of problems still to solve in a digitising economy, and to get ahead of shifts in our economic, social and environmental landscape. We’re looking for the next platforms and market places that change the way we consume, share and create goods, services and information.

From the Newsroom

transport nsw train

CBA partners with TFNSW

Commonwealth Bank’s Innovation Lab parrtners with Transport for NSW’s Future Transport Digital Accelerator, to develop solutions to fast-track the delivery of the Future Transport Technology Roadmap.

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biotokens kangaroo

Blockchain 'biotokens'

A newly developed blockchain prototype could support sustainable development, with a wide-range of potential benefits for users.

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bondi-i blockchain

The World Bank issues second tranche of blockchain bond via Bond-i

Bond-i tap – managed by CBA, RBC and TD – increases liquidity of Blockchain Bond and broadens market participation.

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bond trading world bank

Bond-i becomes the world’s first bond issued and traded using blockchain

The World Bank and CBA partner to enable secondary bond trading recorded on blockchain.

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commodities blockchain

CBA'S blockchain Centre of Excellence puts the pedal to the metal

What are the benefits that blockchain technology can offer the trade and commodities industries?

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spend and save couple on mobile

How blockchain could change the way we spend and save

Technology can let your money know what it can be spent on, when and by whom - all by using a mobile app.

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smart money report desk

CBA and CSIRO’S Data61 release results from blockchain 'smart money' trial

A blockchain powered prototype app shows potential of smart money to enhance NDIS and broader economy.

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making money smart trial blockchain ndis

'Making Money Smart' trial could see blockhain re-envisage payments

World-leading app developed as part of a trial to explore the potential for blockchain technology to create ’smart money’, through using the case study of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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X15 Ventures is building the next generation of solutions for 15 million customers, by unlocking new value from CommBank’s assets through partnership with the tech and innovation community. By partnering with seasoned entrepreneurs, offering them support, guidance and access to our customer base and distribution networks, we’re not only empowering Australia’s most inspiring innovators, we’re reshaping banking as we know it.

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