Usability testing

The Commonwealth Bank Innovation Lab has its own usability labs that enable real-time user testing to facilitate rapid customer feedback and iteration.

We have the capability to test digital assets such as websites, mobile sites and mobile apps to help our clients understand first-hand what specific enhancements are required to improve the experience.

The usability labs are fully equipped with eye-tracking devices, microphones, cameras and heat-mapping technology, allowing us to test with customers at every step of the development process.

About JAX Tyres

JAX Tyres specialises in the sale and service of tyres, wheels, brakes and suspension. The company has a wide multi-brand offer and operates in Australia through around 90 franchised stores. JAX Tyres serves more than 60,000 customers a month and employs more than 500 people throughout their retail network.

What we tested

How easy it was for customers to undertake key tasks, which were identified as being critical to the success of the new JAX Tyres website. Together we tested what it was like for customers to:

  1. Search for the correct tyre fitment
  2. Book an appointment 
  3. Make a purchase online

The results

The Lab team collected feedback enabling the JAX Tyres team to pinpoint specific usability issues that needed to be fixed quickly and easily. The feedback provided meaningful analysis and the ability to make improvements prior to launch.

What JAX said after

“Being granted an opportunity to test these improvements prior to market launch proved invaluable and a big time saver.

CommBank staff contributed to the smooth running of the testing, and assisted JAX Tyres to collate all the feedback for meaningful analysis and improvement prior to launch.”

Glyn Parry - Marketing Manager JAX Tyres

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