2020 highlights

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Net Promoter Score

#1 mobile app and internet banking
#2 consumer
#3 business 

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RepTrak reputation score

+1.0 on FY19, average of top 16 ASX customer facing companies is 67.1

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Our people

Employee engagement

+13% on FY19, global top 10% of companies threshold is 84%

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Total shareholder return

151% 10-year
8% 5-year
(11%) 1-year

Our business

Our purpose

To improve the financial wellbeing of our customers and communities.

Catherine Livingstone

Chairman’s message

“Our progress on key strategic, risk and governance priorities, together with the strength of our balance sheet and capital position, mean the Bank is well placed to deliver for our stakeholders.”

Catherine Livingstone AO

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Matt Comyn

CEO’s message

“As the Bank for all Australians, we’ve taken decisive action to support customers, businesses, communities and the nation during one of the most challenging periods we’ve faced. By contributing to economic stability, we also advance the Bank’s long-term success.”

Matt Comyn
Chief Executive Officer

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Managing our changing risk landscape

The external operating environment altered materially this year, resulting in rapid and dynamic changes to the risk landscape. The recent strengthening of our risk framework has positioned the Bank well to respond to these risks and support our customers and the community.

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Our approach to corporate governance

We are continuing to improve governance, accountability and risk management. Clearer lines of accountability and stronger risk management practices are improving our ability to meet regulatory and compliance obligations and deliver on the expectations of our customers and the community more broadly.

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Our strategic priorities

Our strategy is to become a simpler, better bank that delivers balanced and sustainable outcomes for our customers, community, our people and shareholders. We are building on our strong foundations to drive performance and to position the Bank for long-term success.

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Leading in retail banking  

More than one in three Australians call the Commonwealth Bank their main financial institution.

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Strength in business banking

We are investing in service, data and technology to become Australia’s leading business bank.

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Best in digital

Our goal is to provide the best digital banking experience globally.

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Driving innovation

Our objective is to stay at the leading edge of innovation.

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Our commitment to sustainability

Delivering balanced and sustainable outcomes for our stakeholders.

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Supporting our customers

To improve our customers’ financial wellbeing, we are focused on being a simpler, better bank and supporting our customers through uncertain and challenging times.

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Investing in our communities

As the Bank for all Australians, we have a responsibility to improve the financial wellbeing of the communities we serve and to make a positive contribution to society.

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Commitment to our people icon

Commitment to our people

Our people are our greatest asset and having an engaged, energised and accountable workforce delivers better outcomes for our stakeholders.

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Good business practice icon

Good business practice

By conducting our business responsibly and transparently, we contribute to a strong economy and a trusted and resilient financial system.

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Our approach to climate change icon

Our approach to climate change

We are committed to supporting the responsible global transition to a net zero emissions economy by 2050.

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Our performance

Focus on financial performance

Overview of the Bank’s financial performance for the 2020 financial year.

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Our financial performance in detail

Focus on sustainability performance

To achieve our objective of balanced and sustainable outcomes, we set targets for, measure and report a range of material customer, environmental, social and governance metrics.

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Things you should know

  • 2020 Annual General Meeting

    The 2020 Annual General Meeting was conducted as a virtual meeting on Tuesday, 13 October 2020 at 9.30am (Sydney time). Learn more