Ordinary shares


The table below provides details on certain features of the Group’s ordinary shares, in accordance with APRA Prudential Standard APS 330 Public Disclosure.

1 Issuer CBA
2 Unique identifier (eg CUSIP, ISIN or Bloomberg identifier for private placement) CBA (ASX),
AU000000CBA7 (ISIN)
3 Governing law(s) of the instrument Australia
  Regulatory treatment  
4 Transitional Basel III rules Common Equity Tier 1
5 Post-transitional Basel III rules Common Equity Tier 1
6 Eligible at solo (Level 1) /group (Level 2) / group&solo (Level 1&2) Level 1&2
7 Instrument type (ordinary shares/preference shares/subordinated notes/other) Ordinary shares
8 Amount recognised in regulatory capital (Currency in mil, as of most recent reporting date) AUD 38,020m
9 Par value of instrument N / A
10 Accounting classification Shareholders' equity
11 Original date of issuance Various
12 Perpetual or dated Perpetual
13 Original maturity date No maturity
14 Issuer call subject to prior supervisory approval Yes
15 Optional call date, contingent call dates and redemption amount May buy-back any time subject to APRA approval
16 Subsequent call dates, if applicable N / A
17 Fixed or floating dividend/coupon N / A
18 Coupon rate and any related index N / A
19 Existence of a dividend stopper No
20 Fully discretionary, partially discretionary or mandatory Fully discretionary
21 Existence of step up or other incentive to redeem No
22 Noncumulative or cumulative Noncumulative
23 Convertible or non-convertible N / A
24 If convertible, conversion trigger (s) N / A
25 If convertible, fully or partially N / A
26 If convertible, conversion rate N / A
27 If convertible, mandatory or optional conversion N / A
28 If convertible, specify instrument type convertible into N / A
29 If convertible, specify issuer of instrument it converts into N / A
30 Write-down feature N / A
31 If write-down, write-down trigger(s) N / A
32 If write-down, full or partial N / A
33 If write-down, permanent or temporary N / A
34 If temporary write-down, description of write-up mechanism N / A
35 Position in subordination hierarchy in liquidation (specify instrument type immediately senior to instrument) Additional Tier 1 Capital
36 Non-compliant transitioned features No
37 If yes, specify non-compliant features N / A
38 Further information These securities are listed on ASX. Further information relevant to the securities is available on the ASX website.


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