2003 ASX announcements

Major ASX announcements from Commonwealth Bank of Australia have been made available on our site. For a full listing of all announcements please visit the ASX website.

In addition we have ASX announcements for PERLS II, PERLS III and PERLS IV.


5 December

27 November

Perpetual Exchangeable Resettable Listed Securities

20 November

UBS Conference Presentation by David Murray, CEO


5 November

Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Summit Presentation by Hugh Harley

3 November

Roadshow Presentation by David Murray and Michael Cameron

31 October

2003 Annual General Meeting

13 October

Merrill Lynch Australasian Investment Conference / Roadshow Presentation by Michael Cameron


19 September

Which new Bank


20 August

2003 Full year results


29 July

Strategy Briefing: Presentation by Garry Mackrell, Group Executive, International Financial Services


29 July

Strategy Briefing: Presentation by Marten Touw, Group Treasurer


29 July

Strategy Briefing: Investment & Insurance Services Divisional Presentations by Stuart Grimshaw, Peter Beck & John Pearce


29 July

Strategy Briefing: Presentation by David Murray, Chief Executive Officer


8 July

1 July

12 June

Presentation at UBS Australian Financial Services Conference by Michael Cameron


20 May

Divisional Strategy: Institutional & Business Services by Michael Ullmer

20 May

Group Strategy: David Murray, Chief Executive Officer

20 May

Divisional Strategy: Retail Banking Services by Hugh Harley

20 May

Divisional Strategy: Premium Financial Services by Michael Katz

28 April

Presentation at UBS Warburg Global Financial Services Conference 2003 by Michael Cameron

27 March

Presentation at CSFB 2003 Asian Investment Conference by Stuart Grimshaw


27 March

20 March

Presentation at the INSTO Australian Debt Capital Markets Conference by Michael Ullmer

4 March

Presentation at Salomon Smith Barney Financial Services Conference by Michael Ullmer


20 February

12 February

2003 Half Year Results


7 February


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