2004 ASX announcements

Major ASX announcements from Commonwealth Bank of Australia have been made available on our site. For a full listing of all announcements please visit the ASX website.

In addition we have ASX announcements for PERLS II, PERLS III and PERLS IV.

21 December

2 December

22 November

18 November

5 November

2 November

28 October

19 October

Investor half day

5 October

27 September

23 September

17 September

11 August

2004 Full year results

27 July

28 June

23 June

11 June

19 May

Which new Bank progress update

19 May

28 April

6 April

12 March

3 March

24 February

CBA 2004 buy-back

11 February

2004 Half year results

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