2005 ASX announcements

Major ASX announcements from Commonwealth Bank of Australia have been made available on our site. For a full listing of all announcements please visit the ASX website.

In addition we have ASX announcements for PERLS II, PERLS III and PERLS IV.


22 November

Which New Bank update


28 October

2005 Annual General Meeting

22 September 

16 August

AIFRS conference call


15 August  

10 August

2005 Full year results


22 June  

20 June 

14 June

Appointment of new Chief Executive Officer


6 June

NetBank Saver conference call


24 May

Which new Bank progress update and International Financial Services presentation


10 May

UBS Global Financial Services Conference


28 April

18 April

Colonial First State Hybrid Securities Offer

10 March

9 February

2005 Half Year Results


4 February

Template for Key Shareholder Ratios Calculation


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