Generally, you’ll need documents similar to those you would need in Australia to do this, and in some cases you can start the process online.

You can also contact relocation specialists in some banks who can assist with opening an account before you arrive in New Zealand.

Personal identification

This is most likely to be a passport.


You’ll also need proof of your address in New Zealand. Proof of address can include the following, as long as the documents have your new address in New Zealand on them:

  • Statements from a government agency
  • Communication from a bank (you can ask your current bank to update your address to your new address in New Zealand)
  • Correspondence with New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department
  • Local authority rates or water bills
  • Utility bills
  • Signed tenancy or lease agreement
  • Correspondence from an educational institution in New Zealand


If you’re not a permanent New Zealand resident or passport holder you will need to provide details of your work or residency visa.

Inland Revenue Department number

The Inland Revenue Department is similar to the Australian Taxation Office in Australia. When opening a bank account, you’ll need to supply this number as well. You can apply for an IRD number online after you make the move.

What next?

If you’re interested in starting the application process, you can get in touch with a relocation specialist at ASB by filling out this form.

Things you should know

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