Anyone in the personal services sector knows that flexibility is everything. You need to be able to adjust how, where, and when you work based on appointments being made, moved, and cancelled. It creates a dynamic, exciting work environment where no two days are the same.

It can also be a business challenge without the right tools and technologies behind you.

Commbank’s Smart Mini payment reader makes the money side of your business effortless. Whether you’re a beautician, event planner, physio, dog walker, house sitter, photographer or anything else you can think of, Smart Mini will become the companion that helps you business thrive.

What is Smart Mini?

Smart Mini is a compact, pocket-sized device that allows you to take payments from anywhere. You simply connect the device to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth1 (it’s as easy to do as setting up a new set of wireless headphones) and then you’re set up to process EFTPOS and credit card transactions from anywhere and at any time.

A payment solution that is flexible when you need it

Smart Mini could not be easier to operate, or more convenient for your clients. Personal services is one of the areas where cash still rules, but by 2025 only 10 per cent of transactions will involve cash2. Your customers will expect to pay by card. At that point you have a couple of options available to you: invest in a more sophisticated EFTPOS terminal with more bells & whistles but higher upfront or ongoing costs, or purchase a Smart Mini for a low upfront fee that requires no technical skills to operate.

For Hanna Hayes of Hayes Family Trust clothing retailer, there was no contest. “The Smart Mini Hub is super simple to navigate, even if you’re not tech-savvy like me. The reader is easy to use, reliable and compact, and the low fees are great too.”

Smart Mini fees are very low indeed. With a transaction rate of just 1.1% per transaction3,  Smart Mini is one of the most cost-efficient ways to accept card payments, and same-day settlement4 - meaning the money from your sales is in your linked Commbank Business Transaction Account5 the very same day of the sale.

The solution that grows as your business does

Smart Mini operates as a hub for all payments into a central account. As your business grows, and you take on more people, it’s also easy to train new staff on how to use it, and have your entire business’ cash flow consolidated into one convenient account, no matter where your people are working.

Backed by iron-tight security and a respected name

As Lynema Martinez, the owner of Wally’s Tacos said “I love the look of the Smart Mini, plus same-day settlement and convenient surcharging options provide a big advantage.”

But it’s not just about the look. Customers are increasingly concerned about card and data security. Several high-profile cases of data breaches across Australia have affected just about every Australian, and now they’re hesitant to tap their cards on devices they don’t recognise. This is especially true of small businesses and personal services, which the customer might not know well.

Smart Mini features CommBank’s branding prominently across the device. With CommBank being recognised as one of the most secure institutions in Australia, this immediately puts the customers' minds at rest. It’s a simple, convenient and safe solution. It’s also built to handle any volume of transactions securely, so no matter how quickly your business is growing, you can take payments with confidence.

Give your business a big boost now

Like any small business, personal services are feeling the squeeze of an increase in business costs, challenges with cash flow and the increasingly technical nature of business.

Smart Mini is a way of addressing all these challenges, and right across the board personal services businesses are embracing the opportunity provided by this new mobile payment innovation.