Downtime & outages

When to use a Manual Voucher

You should use a Manual Voucher if:

  • You're unable to process transactions electronically
  • CommBank has instructed you to process transactions manually
  • You've had a power or communications outage

What is a Manual Voucher?

Within your welcome kit bag you've been provided with Manual Vouchers to process transactions when your terminal is offline. You can order more Manual Vouchers at the stationery store

How to use your Manual Vouchers

Find out more about downtime processing and how to use your vouchers in the guides below:

Downtime processing guide for the Offline Voucher and Merchant Summary Voucher (both black and white)

Downtime processing guide for the Merchant Sales (blue) and Merchant Summary (brown) vouchers

Merchant Agreement & forms

Current Merchant Agreement

A booklet that all new merchant customers get. It lets you know your rights, obligations and what you need to do to use your Facility properly.

Issued: 1 April 2020

View Merchant Agreement

Financial Services Guide

Information about CommBank, the services and types of products we can offer you, how we get paid for them, and how we handle internal and external complaints.

View Financial Services Guide

Maintenance forms

Download Change of bank account details form

Download Refund limit increase request form

Send completed form to:

Fax: 1300 309 194, or


Things you should know    

As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on the information, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Please view our Merchant Agreement, Financial Services Guide and Operator and User Guides above.