What’s your role at the bank?

I lead data science teams in Retail Banking Services, Technology and Operations. We research advanced AI technology and find safe ways to use it. 

Are there any projects you’re particularly proud of?

We recently built an AI model that detects abusive behaviour in transaction descriptions. This model stops abuse and creates a safer banking experience for everyone, especially vulnerable individuals.

And for the first time, we're making the techniques behind our AI and machine learning model free for any bank. With this step, financial institutions can better understand this type of abuse.

I love our commitment to use AI and technology for good. Rather than ask, “Can we do it?”, we always ask, “Should we do it?” and consider community expectations when testing.

What sets us apart from competitors?

Our exclusive partnership with H20.ai, a global leader in AI, is what comes to mind. Our people have access to renowned data scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters. They’ll collaborate on developing new AI solutions within the bank.

Why is now an exciting time to work in Data Science at CommBank?

Our commitment to supporting career progression is a standout for me. Even if someone’s future isn’t at the bank, we’ll support them in achieving their next career goal. I’ve seen many people leave and then come back equipped with new skills and experience – including myself.

CommBank is the best place for a data scientist to work in Australia. We’ve got real-time data, and actual use cases that show how our work makes a real difference in people's lives. That's rare in this field and makes our work truly exciting. 

What skills and experience you look for in your team?

While technical expertise is important, problem-solving skills are what I value most. I don’t focus too much on credentials and tools. Are you smart? Are you a quick learner? Can you solve problems? If so, let’s talk.

One of the things I love about working here is the diversity of our teams. We’ve got people from various fields including physics and neuroscience, which aren’t typical in the tech industry. It’s amazing to see how different perspectives come together to solve problems in unique ways.

If you’re enthusiastic about AI and motivated to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you

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