The Reskilling Program is for anyone across the Bank looking to learn, grow, & develop into an in demand skills area. Hear from some of our people who’ve uncovered new talents and passions through the Reskilling Program. 

“I feel so lucky to have been included in the pilot of our Data and Analytics Reskilling Program. I was able to change my career from Talent Acquisition to Data & Decision Science, all while working for the same company. I thought going into a STEMM role I’d needed to take an external course of some sort. However, with the launch of this Program, anything is possible!

The Program was a huge success, and it was an incredible learning experience with fantastic facilitators. One of the key takeaways from the Program was that I didn’t have to be a data whiz to transition into a data and analytics career. It was all about being curious, having the right attitude and wanting to learn and grow in an unfamiliar field.

The outcome of the Program for me was that a career change is possible regardless of your current role or experience. Through hard work, drive, and persistence, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

Vicky – Executive Talent Acquisition Researcher to Capability Manager, Data & Decision Science

“The Program is designed at a pace that works with your current roles and responsibilities.  We had three intellectually challenging projects, all lead by experienced industry facilitators who explained things clearly. It’s such a fantastic starting point for anyone across the Bank who’s interested in the world of data, regardless of their previous experience. The projects I worked on allowed me to build my SQL and Tableau skills and overall confidence.”

Ben – Analyst, Specialised Agribusiness Solutions to Insights Analyst, Data & Decision Science  

“It’s a rare opportunity to have the support of your organisation to pivot your career. I’m so humbled to get the opportunity to be reskilled. Throughout the Program, I grew my network across the Bank and learnt a lot from other participants’ experiences. The facilitators were really committed to our development. Sometimes an experience like this only comes once in your career and I immersed myself completely in the opportunity.”

Ryan – Senior Project Manager, Global Technology Services to Senior Product Owner, Cloud Technology Services

“Coming from an accounting background and working in the branch network, I had very little exposure to Data & Analytics. Being able to build my knowledge directly from industry leaders, acquire technical and soft skills, while being supported by mentors and buddies was an opportunity I’ll never forget. I feel like I’ve opened doors to a new network of peers across the business. And I’ve added value to my skillset that’s given me exposure to new career pathways that I never thought of before.”

Shifat – Customer Service Specialist, Retail Banking Services to Insights Analyst, Data & Decision Science 

”It was great learning with a group of like-minded people who were in similar positions to me. Not to mention, the facilitators knew their stuff. Prior to participating in the Program, I found it difficult to move into the career path I wanted. I wasn’t confident in differentiating myself from other candidates. During the Program, I asked questions, learnt from participants, and came out the other side knowing I was equipped to succeed in a new role. The Program helped me progress not only in my career and development goals, but gave me the confidence boost that I needed.”

Jayden – Business Banking Associate, Contact Centre to Analyst Risk & Operations, Business Banking Client Services 

“Having supportive leaders here at CommBank makes it much easier for you to take your career where you want it to go. I wanted to feel confident and courageous to pursue a career path that seemed more challenging. After speaking to my leaders, I knew this was the Program for me. The technical and soft skills I learnt are invaluable to me, and I can apply these skills anywhere I go. I’m now a big advocate of the Program because of how much it’s benefited me.”

Tammy – Institutional Banking, Client Services to Risk & Control Advisory and Delivery Manager, Business Banking 

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