Working 9-5, five days a week doesn't work for everyone. Many of our roles provide the flexibility to tailor work hours to fit your lifestyle, while providing all the perks of a full-time role.  For you, this could be working a shorter fortnight, moving to part-time, job-sharing or taking extra R&R. Here’s some of the options you can think about when you work with us.

1. Embrace hybrid working

Hybrid working combines working at our CommBank locations with working remotely to give you more of that work-life balance.

Know you need to plan a brain storming session with your team? Book one of our spaces in office. Need to focus in trackies at home? No problem. We’ve adopted an at least 50% per month in office approach to achieve that balance.

2. Adjust your working patterns

Shift your start and finishing times. Consider building a micro break into your day for exercise, side hustles, and hobbies for your wellbeing. If you're considering significant changes to your work patterns like a compressed schedule (e.g. a 9 day fortnight), have a chat with your manager to see how we can support you.

3. Consider part time or job share

Part time or job share options can give you more flexibility for your life outside of work. A job share arrangement allows you to divide your job between you and another colleague, and work a few days a week to cover a full-time role. Returning from parental leave or transitioning to retirement? This flex option would suit you.

4. Purchase additional annual leave

Exactly as it’s described, you can buy more time to do what you choose. If you’re a permanent employee at the Group you can look to purchase up to 4 additional weeks of leave per year. Hello road trip around Australia?  

5. Take a career break

Ever considered an extended non-paid period to travel, study or spend more time with your family? This could be a creative and fulfilling alternative to leaving CommBank for a period of time (and then returning because you miss it so much!).

6. Do more with your ‘Out of Office’ (OOO)

The power of putting on an out of office is magical. They are tools to communicate boundaries e.g. work hours, holidays, home schooling, study leave and more. Though most importantly they help build meaningful connections. People will get your OOO no matter what, so why not add some honest flair. Google creative OOO for some inspo!   

Navigating a way that works for you doesn’t have to be rocket science (unless you’re indeed a rocket scientist). Even if a job advertisement doesn’t specify these options, we always encourage you to ask about the options available.