What's CommBank AdvancePay?

CommBank AdvancePay gives you access to money you expect to be paid, before your next pay day1. It's a short term facility applied to your everyday account as a temporary limit2

Stay in control 

CommBank AdvancePay is best suited when unexpected costs hit and you need a one-off solution to avoid more expensive loans and fees. It’s a short term facility that isn’t available every pay cycle. To help you stay in control, we’ll limit the number of times you can use CommBank AdvancePay and only allow you to have one facility at a time. You’ll also only be able to access a portion of the money you expect to be paid, so you still have funds left over on pay day. 

Features & benefits 

Access money at a time that suits you

Get access to money before your next pay day when you need it, between $300 and $750. There’s no need to contact or involve your employer.

Apply online in minutes

If eligible, you can apply through NetBank or the CommBank app in just a few minutes and we’ll let you know whether or not you’re successful within 1 business day.

A single upfront fee

You’ll be charged a fee depending on the amount you ask for. There are no extra charges if you pay back on time.

Fees & charges

A fee will be charged when your CommBank AdvancePay limit is applied to your account. This is charged regardless of whether the temporary limit is accessed or not.

Your temporary limit will be made up of the amount approved and the fee3.

Amount you ask for

How to repay your limit

Access to CommBank AdvancePay will expire on your nominated pay date. Any money paid into your account is automatically used to repay your CommBank AdvancePay.

As you can access money paid into your account during your pay cycle, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough money in the account on your nominated pay date to repay your CommBank AdvancePay limit.

If you don’t repay on time

If your CommBank AdvancePay limit is not fully repaid once your nominated pay date arrives, your account will be considered overdrawn and you’ll be charged the debit excess interest rate. This interest rate is currently 14.90% p.a. and will apply on any overdrawn amounts. 

Other fees and charges related to your everyday account will continue to apply, for example an Overdraw fee may apply if you make additional transactions on your account while overdrawn. See CommBank Transaction, Savings and Investment Account Terms and Conditions (PDF). 

How to apply

CommBank AdvancePay is currently available to a limited number of customers through an offer in NetBank or the CommBank app. You may be eligible to receive an offer if you:

  • Have your income regularly paid into a CommBank Smart Access or Complete Access account and
  • Are registered for NetBank

Applying for CommBank AdvancePay is easy:

  1. Complete the online application by answering a few questions about your pay.
  2. You’ll hear from us within 1 business day. If everything checks out, you’ll be able to access the temporary limit instantly the same way you’d access money in your everyday account2.
  3. Access to CommBank AdvancePay will expire on your nominated pay date. Any money paid into your account is automatically used to repay your CommBank AdvancePay.

Is CommBank AdvancePay right for you?

CommBank AdvancePay is a short term facility which we offer at our discretion and may not be available every pay cycle. If you need ongoing or longer term credit, other borrowing options may be more suitable (e.g. a personal overdraft, a credit card or accessing available redraw on your home loan). Compare our other products.

If you’re facing financial difficulty, CommBank AdvancePay may not be suitable for you. Learn how our Financial Assistance Solutions team can help.

Things you should know

1To do this, we rely on the information you tell us about your pay in your application as well as information we already have. We don’t contact your employer, so this is only an estimate.

2A temporary credit limit gives you access to additional funds when your account balance reaches zero, up to an approved limit.

3Your final limit is inclusive of a fee which is charged to your account at the same time your limit is established. For example, if you apply for $500, your CommBank AdvancePay limit will be $505 with a $5 fee charged, leaving you with available funds of $500 (as requested).

Applications for finance are subject to the Bank’s normal credit approval. View the CommBank AdvancePay Terms and Conditions. Fees and charges may be payable.