Keep track. Together.

  • Making your day-to-day easier

    Whether it’s a joint Everyday account or savings account, merging your money can help you to:

    • Have better visibility of your collective spending and saving
    • Manage bills and expenses
    • Reach savings and financial goals together
    • Save time - no need to transfer money between separate bank accounts
  • Making it work

    First, agree on the basics:

    • How much and how often you’ll each contribute into your joint account
    • What you’ll use the account for e.g. paying bills or covering rent, as an emergency fund or saving for a goal like a joint holiday
    • If you need to set a spending limit each month
    • How you want to use your joint account e.g. one person or both to sign to approve transactions
    • Whether you’ll each keep separate bank accounts too

    Wondering if a joint account is right for you? This article may help you to decide

  • Two Debit Mastercards

    Our Smart Access account can come with two Debit Mastercards – one for each of you. Making it easy to shop, pay bills, withdraw cash and transfer money to and from your linked savings account at an ATM plus more.

  • Pay no monthly account fee

    The monthly account fee for the Smart Access account will be waived if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. The waiver will also apply if you're under 30 or you meet other criteria.1

    Here’s more on our Smart Access account rates & fees

  • These are fee-free

    • Purchasing items in Australia using your Debit Mastercard
    • Transfers between accounts
    • BPAY and other electronic payments including PayID payments
    • Withdrawals from CommBank ATMs

How to apply for a joint everyday Smart Access account

  • You can apply if you’re both:

    • 18 or over
    • Opening the joint account in your personal names (no Company, Trading or Trust accounts)
    • Have an Australian residential address

    You and your joint account holder will need to complete the application process within 30 days or it will expire. You can reapply at any CommBank branch.


  • Neither of you bank with us?

    1. We recommend having at least one of the following ID handy – Medicare card, Driver’s licence, Passport, Birth certificate
    2. Apply online – make sure your info matches what’s on your ID
    3. Complete online ID check 
    4. Download the CommBank app to use Cardless Cash while you both wait for your Debit Mastercards to arrive (takes up to 5 business days)

    Open online

  • Already bank with us?

    If one or both of you bank with us

    1. Apply online in NetBank or the CommBank app
    2. Use Cardless Cash while you both wait for your Debit Mastercards to arrive (takes up to 5 business days)

    Open online in NetBank

Support to keep your spending on track

Keep track of exactly how much money is in your account, what’s going out and when with the CommBank app.

  • Spend Tracker: Automatically categorises your transactions so you know what you’re spending your money on and where you can cut back. 
  • Transaction Notifications: Turn them on to receive an instant alert when you pay from, or get paid to, your joint everyday account. 
  • Lock, Block, Alert: Choose to lock online, contactless or in-store international payments on your Debit Mastercard (no impact to your joint account holder’s card), if you’re not regularly shopping online or travelling overseas. Securely lock & unlock your Debit Mastercard
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Start saving together too

  • Whether you’re saving for a holiday, car or a new home, combining your savings can make sense.

    You can open a NetBank Saver account with someone else online, as long as you have an existing joint account together with us. 

    To open a joint account for the first time or with someone new, or to open a joint GoalSaver or Term Deposit account, please visit your nearest branch together. 

    Explore our savings accounts

If the unexpected happens

Things you should know

  • 1 Monthly account fee waived for accounts with at least $2,000 deposited each calendar month (excludes Bank initiated transactions). A monthly account fee waiver will also apply if you’re under 30 years of age. You may also be eligible for a different monthly account fee exemption if you have an aged, disability or war veterans’ pension deposited in your account, have a balance of $50,000 or more in eligible contributing accounts, are reliant on over the counter services because of a disability or have an eligible home loan. Find out more about rates and fees.

    The target market for these products will be found within the product’s Target Market Determination, available here.

    The advice on this website has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, you should, before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Please view our Financial Services Guide (PDF 68KB). Full terms and conditions for the transaction and savings accounts (PDF | 660KB) mentioned and Electronic Banking are available here or from any branch of the Commonwealth Bank. Fees may apply.