Quick check to confirm it’s really you

  • If you're new to CommBank, we need to check your ID to get your account up and running. You only need to complete it once. You'll be prompted to complete our online ID check in NetBank or the CommBank app when you open your first account.  

You'll need at least one of the following:

Driving licence image

Australian driver’s licence

  • The state it was issued in
  • Your driver’s licence number (not the card number)
  • The expiry date

Medicare card image

Medicare card

  • The colour of your card – green, yellow or blue
  • Your 10-digit Medicare card number
  • The 1-digit individual reference number – it’s the number next to your name
  • When your Medicare card is valid to

If your Medicare card is due to expire soon (in the next month or two) it’s best to choose a different form of ID as part of your online ID check - your replacement Medicare card may already be in the post.

Passport image

Current passport

  • The country your passport was issued in
  • Your passport number
  • The expiry date

If your passport isn't valid, you may be able to use one that expired less than two years ago. 

If you’re using a foreign passport, we check the Australian visa that’s linked to your passport - so make sure that’s still valid. 

Birth certificate

Australian birth certificate

  • Date your birth was registered
  • Date your birth certificate was printed
  • The certificate number

How it works

Step 1

Apply for an account (everyday bank account, savings account, credit card, personal loan).

Step 2

Check the details in your application carefully. It’s important to use your full name, as shown on your chosen ID.

Step 3

Complete our online ID check.

Step 4

We’ll quickly check that the details in your application match exactly what you’ve told us during your online ID check.

Step 5

On your first visit to a CommBank branch, you’ll need to bring your physical ID so we can identify you face-to-face. We don't accept digital forms of ID or Medicare cards when setting up your account in-branch. We’ll also collect your signature for our records.

Tips for successfully completing your ID check

    • Provide as much info as possible. Tell us if you’ve lived at another address in Australia before the one shown on your chosen ID for example.
    • Have more than one form of ID handy in case we ask you for more info
    • Make sure everything you tell us matches the details on your chosen ID. When asked, enter your full name and include middle names or initials if that’s what’s shown on your ID.

      If what you tell us doesn’t exactly match your ID, it may impact your chances of successfully completing the check.

Things you should know

  • When you choose to use our Online ID check you agree to our Online ID Check terms and conditions and to us checking the details of your ID (Driver’s licence, Medicare card, passport, birth certificate) with the ID issuer - we’ll use a secure government identification service. 

    What you need to take with you to complete your ID check in branch.