Weekly, hands-on saving practice

Available at participating primary schools, School Banking encourages kids to save a little money each week (any amount) into their Youthsaver account, helping them learn about the value of money and develop a good saving habit. Three out of four parents of School Bankers agree it’s helped teach their child an important life skill and given them a head start in life with understanding money1.

Fun and rewarding with the Dollarmites

Our School Banking ambassadors, the Dollarmites (Addy, Pru, Spen, Lucas and Pat) and the School Banking Rewards help make learning about money engaging for kids - something four out of five parents think is important2. Each time a child makes a School Banking deposit they earn a silver Dollarmites token. Once they've collected 10 tokens, they can redeem them for an exciting reward.

Support for schools

Schools are provided with support and tools to help them run School Banking. To assist and recognise participating schools for their School Banking program administration efforts, financial support is provided through our School Banking Contributions Program. 

Information for Schools

School girl

Get your child started

If your child's school participates in School Banking, all you'll need to do is open a Youthsaver account for your child, if they don’t already have one. A list of schools participating in School Banking is available during the online application process or you can ask at your school office.

Your child will receive a Dollarmites deposit wallet to use for School Banking deposits when the account is opened. If your child has an existing Youthsaver account, contact us or visit your nearest branch to receive a Dollarmites deposit wallet.

The Youthsaver account is a savings account with no monthly fees and a competitive bonus interest rate when at least one deposit (excluding interest and bank initiated transactions) and no withdrawals are made each calendar month on balances up to $50,000.

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School Banking Rewards

This year, the Dollarmites (Pru, Addy, Spen, Lucas and Pat) are rugged up and ready to take kids on a Polar Savers adventure to the Ice Cave of Savings that’s full of exciting rewards to keep children motivated and demonstrate the value of regular saving. How it works:

  • Bring your deposit to school in your Dollarmites deposit wallet on your weekly ‘School Banking Day’ to collect a silver Dollarmites token
  • Once you collect 10 tokens (maximum one token per week) you can choose a Polar Savers reward by placing the reward redemption slip or card and 10 tokens in your Dollarmites deposit wallet and bring in on School Banking Day
  • Kids can track their savings progress in the CommBank Youth app or using the Savings Tracker below

2019 Polar Saver rewards 

(two released each term, available while stocks last) 

Term 1
  • Scented Stackable Highlighters
  • Snowy Origami Set
Term 2
  • Yeti Fluffy Notebook - out of stock
  • Icicle Slapband Ruler
Term 3
  • Arctic Owl Fluffy Keyring
  • Scratch Art Cards
Term 4
  • Water Skimming Bounce Ball
  • Polar Pencils & Pencil Toppers

Download your printable Rewards Card

Rewards Card in colour

Rewards Card in black and white

Enhance the School Banking experience with the CommBank Youth app

The CommBank Youth app is a fun, secure way for your child to learn digital money skills. They can:

  • Check their Youthsaver account balance
  • View their School Banking deposits in their transaction history
  • Track how many Dollarmites tokens they’ve earned
  • Set savings goals and track progress
  • Create a list of chores/jobs they can do to earn pocket money

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Getting started

  1. Download the CommBank Youth app on any iOS 9+ device
  2. Your child can log on using their NetBank client number and password. You can set this up when you apply for their Youthsaver account. If your child already has a Youthsaver account and needs a NetBank client number and password, visit a CommBank branch with your identification and your child’s birth certificate. Alternatively, if you can see your child’s account in your NetBank or CommBank app, you can set this up online.

App screenshots

Fun saving tools and activities

Savings tracker

Savings Tracker

Download and print this Savings Tracker for your child to keep track of this year’s School Banking deposits and develop good saving habits.

Download Savings Tracker in colour

Download Savings Tracker in black and white

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Things you should know

1 Parents of children participating in CommBank’s School Banking program (n=523), School Banking Research, conducted by Fiftyfive5, May-June 2018.
2 Parents of Australian primary school children (n=1144), School Banking Research, conducted by Fiftyfive5, May-June 2018.

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