Brand-building tips from a side-hustle success

1 July 2024

Jen Nguyen founder of personalised-robe company MyCloudy
  • Jen Nguyen founded MyCloudy, a personalised-robe company, during the June 2021 lockdowns, transforming a self-care project into a thriving business
  • With limited marketing experience, Jen relied on word of mouth, social media support and Facebook advertising, ultimately discovering that the gifting space was her niche
  • By focusing on personalised gifting and customer feedback, Jen shifted her brand messaging to emphasise special moments, fostering a strong, loyal customer base

A self-care project turned into a business

Jen Nguyen had always toyed with business ideas but never found the courage to pursue them until the pandemic lockdowns of June 2021. It was during this period that she launched MyCloudy, a personalised-robe company. With a background in commerce, Jen saw an opportunity to create something meaningful as a self-care project amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Learning the ropes of marketing

Despite her commerce background, Jen had limited knowledge of marketing. Working from her bedroom and storing robes in her garage at home, she initially relied on word of mouth to attract customers. Support from friends who reposted on social media, coupled with a dabbling in Facebook advertising, helped get the word out about MyCloudy.

Discovering your niche

From the start, Jen was willing to listen to feedback. “Initially, I thought people were buying the robes for themselves, but I quickly realised that our niche is the gifting space” said Jen.  She noticed the personalised handwritten notes offered with each order were a hit because so many people were giving the robes as presents. This insight prompted a refresh of the brand direction, shifting the messaging to focus on sharing special moments with loved ones.

Building a community

With the new focus on gifting, Jen changed her approach to building a community. As the messaging on MyCloudy’s platforms and communications began to celebrate her customers creating and sharing special moments, her customer base started growing. This strategic pivot helped foster a loyal community.

Jen’s tops tips for anyone who wants to build their own brand

Don’t discount your skills

Jen’s growth mindset meant that she truly believed the skills from her day job as a consultant were transferable. Despite her lack of marketing experience, she adapted by focusing on identifying challenging areas and finding ways to fix them. “I’ve learnt to adapt to any situation and look at the pain points and how we can improve them.”

Hire purposefully

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a founder is crucial when it’s time to expand.  Strategic hiring has been instrumental in MyCloudy’s growth. As Jen began to hire a team, she looked for people who excelled in marketing and operations. “Now I have people who are great at those things so that I can focus on the business vision.”

Keep it simple

Jen advocates sticking to the basics: stay true to your vision, listen to your customers and focus on building long-term relationships. These principles have helped build the foundation for a loyal community and continue to work for MyCloudy today.

Visit MyCloudy to learn more about Jen’s brand.

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