Bright ideas and useful money tips

We’ve teamed up with some well-known Aussies to bring you a new eight-part series, where we will explore the brighter side of money and life, including plenty of practical tips and tricks.

Be sure to tune in on Saturdays at 6pm on 10 and 10 Play.

You can also find all the information here, or on Instagram over the coming weeks too.

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Bright ideas and useful money tips

We’ve teamed up with some well-known Aussies to bring you a new eight-part series, where we will explore the brighter side of money and life, including plenty of practical tips and tricks.

Be sure to tune in on Saturdays at 6pm on 10 and 10 Play.

You can also find all the information here, or on Instagram over the coming weeks too.

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About the show

The Brighter Side is our new series, where we explore useful ways you can make money go a little further today, and help plan for a better tomorrow.

We meet Australians from all over the country, who share bright ideas and practical tips for living well. From clever side hustles, meal-time ideas and money-saving tips, The Brighter Side will help you make the most of your money.

Tips, stories & inspiration

Money Talks

Smart ways to spend and save your first full-time salary

Transitioning from student life to a full-time salary can be daunting. Gain insights from a new full time worker's money mantras and expert budgeti...
Taste Test

Delicious and easy spaghetti recipe on a budget

Adam Liaw’s three-step sausage and broccoli spaghetti recipe can be on the table in 30 minutes and uses great-value ingredients that tastes good, too.
My Two Cents

Neil Perry’s tips for how to handle business challenges

Chef Neil Perry shares his insights on tackling business challenges, financial planning and diversifying income streams. Learn from his experiences...
House Proud

Your guide to granny flats

Granny flats are gaining popularity as affordable housing or passive income. If you’re thinking of building your own – here are questions and consi...
My Two Cents

Money talk with the CommBank Matildas’ players

We ask the CommBank Matildas' players Tameka Yallop, Amy Sayer and Sophie Harding about the matters of money and living in the moment.
Side Hustle

Miimi & Jiinda: From side hustle to a successful small business

Melissa Greenwood, founder of Miimi & Jiinda, a successful small business, shares six lessons of starting and scaling up a side hustle.
Money Talks

How to budget for your family and save more every day

Simple saving tips from CommBank personal finance expert Jess Irvine that have helped this family-of-five budget to help ease cost-of-living pressu...
Taste Test

Go “fakeaway” with this quick and easy butter chicken recipe

It’s easy to save on takeaway when you know how to make “fakeaway” at home. Adam Liaw shows you how with his express butter chicken recipe.
My Two Cents

Georgie Tunny on financial wellbeing

As host of The Brighter Side, a new show with cost-of-living tips from everyday Australians, Georgie Tunny is getting a boost to her own financial ...

10 ways to make your home more energy efficient

Save money and help the planet? Experts share steps you can take to reduce costs and your impact. True story.
Side Hustle

Six Aussies reveal how they’re boosting their budgets with passive income

You don’t need much time or money to start earning passive income. What you do need is a good idea and a lot of passion.
Taste Test

3 Adam Liaw recipes for a veggie boost

Flavour, health and budget — you can have it all. Here are three healthy veggie recipes from Adam Liaw that will fill you up but won’t make your wa...

Grow your savings with the no-spend challenge

There’s a reason why no-spend challenges are growing in popularity. They can rewire the way you approach spending and bulk up your savings, too.
Money Talks

Jess Irvine’s five steps to financial empowerment

CommBank personal finance expert Jess Irvine shares the steps you can take now to get in control of your finances.

Our segments

My Two Cents

Georgie Tunny chats with well-known Aussies, finding out what makes them tick when it comes to financial wellbeing and how they approach money. 

Money Talks

CommBank personal finance expert, Jess Irvine, meets Australians who are trying to get ahead, offering them some different ways of thinking.

Side Hustle

Ever thought about starting a side hustle? We talk to Australians who are making an extra income work for them. 

House Proud

We go inside the homes of the Australians who are making their houses work harder for them.

Mind Over Money

From savings obstacles to spending triggers, economic behaviourist and author Evan Lucas shares how we're influenced to spend and can hack our mindset to save. 

Taste Test

Delicious, affordable meals from Adam Liaw, who knows a thing or two about making food dollars go further. 

Quick Wins

Discover quick and easy ways to save on everything from food to entertainment. Remember, every little bit counts.

The Brighter Side hosts

Georgie Tunny

The Brighter Side host, Georgie Tunny, is an Australian broadcaster, writer, and presenter. Perhaps best known as a co-host of Network 10's The Project, Georgie covers topics ranging from arts and culture to current affairs and social issues. She’s passionate about telling genuine stories and engaging thought-provoking discussions. 

Narelda Jacobs

Narelda Jacobs OAM is a Whadjuk Noongar journalist, newsreader and television presenter. She’s a dynamic voice in journalism, bringing stories to life with her keen insights and warm approach. On The Brighter Side, Narelda travels all over the country and discovers the resilience and creativity of Australians who are launching side hustles, running small businesses and using their homes to make money. 

Jess Irvine

CommBank’s personal finance expert is known for her relatable approach to helping Australians boost their financial literacy, embrace budgeting and feel more confident handling their finances. She is a trusted source of guidance for those who have read her books (like Money with Jess), been inspired by her editorial columns and now, watched her meet everyday Australians on The Brighter Side.

Adam Liaw

If anyone can take the stress out of making your food budget stretch further, it’s Australian chef and TV presenter Adam Liaw. His approach to cooking delicious, no-fuss meals – with diverse culinary influences – has made him someone we all trust in the kitchen. Follow Adam on The Brighter Side, as he shares his weekday meals that let you eat well and take a bit of pressure off your rising grocery bill, too. 

Evan Lucas

No-one knows better than author and market strategist Evan Lucas that our behaviour around money can impact the health of our finances. He literally wrote the book on it (it’s a great read called Mind Over Money). On The Brighter Side, Evan points out the ways we can shift our money mindset and even avoid mindless spending. With easy-to-action tips and surprising insights, Evan shares ways we can all feel a little more in control of our money. 

Frequently asked questions

The Brighter Side’ is the name of a new eight-part TV series, which has been created by CommBank with the aim to support Australians with useful and practical ways to make the most of your money. 

Each episode meets Australians from all over the country. The show is hosted by The Project’s Georgie Tunny who chats with well-known Aussies, including the CommBank Matilda’s and Neil Perry, about their money habits and some of the most important less they’ve learned.  

Also on the show: We see renowned journalist, Narelda Jacobs, visit people with clever side hustles and homes that help the hip-pocket; Australian Chef, Adam Liaw, who cooks up budget-friendly meal ideas and CommBank Personal Finance expert, Jess Irvine, who visits Aussies to help boost their financial literacy.

We believe all Australians have the right to a better standard of living. As Australia’s largest bank, we see it as part of our role to support Australians with access to financial education and information to help make money go a little further today - and help plan for a better, tomorrow.

We’re always seeking new and practical ways to deliver meaningful content to Australians. This is just another way we’re hoping to share useful information, in another media channel of choice. 

Financial wellbeing is a particularly important focus in the context of the cost-of-living challenges currently impacting Australians and ‘The Brighter Side’ is one way we’re showing up to support.  

The program is produced by CommBank in collaboration with Channel 10 (Paramount) and is supported by a media partnership across the 10 Network and into the Australian talk show, The Project. 

The show will be on-air for 8 weeks on Channel 10, from 11 May. There will be a 1-week break off-air on 25 May but from 1 June, we’ll be back to regular programming until the series finishes on 6 July. 

  • A second encore screening of the show will air on Sundays at 3.30pm following the Saturday broadcast in the same week. 
  • Stream the latest episodes on 10Play for free, anytime and anywhere. 
  • The content can also be found on CommBank website, search CommBank Brighter to discover more. 

Things you should know

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